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Monday, June 30, 2014

Olddoc offers a potpourri including soccer sentiments.. Bernice in Q&A with Mayor Mapp over DPW successor.. Jakcie: Big Brother 16 live feeds into Mon AM.. David starts a new job in NYC today..


Arson:  "Plainfield man charged with aggravated arson" -- Courier | Ledger |

Benjamin Moore:  "NJ man sues paint company over 'racially offensive' color names"
Bound Brook:  "Celebration bursts out as Costa Rice beats Greece"
Hospitals:  "Final hearing set in sale of St. Mary's Hospital"

Analysis:  "Will Gov. Christie's house of cards collapse?"
NJ Budget:  "Christie likely to veto tax hikes, sign budget today"


[BERNICE] in Q&A with Mayor Mapp over DPW successor.

[OLDDOC] offers a potpourri including soccer sentiments.

[DAVID] starts a new job in NYC today.

[JACKIE] Big Brother 16 live feeds into Mon AM.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Olddoc's alma mater (UVA) is in college world series; Sweeney's attack on higher ed.. Bernice reports briefly on her surgery.. Councilor Williams on Alex Toliver's dangerous Facebook rant.. Jackie: Big Brother and Me (and you, too).. David posts the week in photos..


Park Hotel:  "Senate approves bill posting boarding house inspections online"
Union County College:  "Cranford wants college to select alternate site for sports field"

Affordable Housing:  "COAH ruling's impact stirs concerns in Princeton"
Trenton --
Free School Lunch Fraud:  "Fraud in program leads to charges against six" -- Ledger | PolNJ |
NJ Budget --
Pension Payment:  "Labor attorneys blast Christie separation-of-powers argument"
Pulaski Skyway --
Sandy Bill of Rights --
Yeshiva University:  "YU President: No, we have not lost $1.3B"


[BERNICE] reports briefly on her surgery.

[OLDDOC] notes his alma mater (UVA) is in college world series; Sweeney's attack on higher ed.

[Councilor WILLIAMS] on Alex Toliver's dangerous Facebook rant.

[DAVID] posts the week in photos.

[JACKIE] Big Brother and Me (and you, too).

Friday, June 20, 2014

Olddoc on Bernice's 'break' and the 2015 healthcare outlook.. Bernice is taking a break -- be sure to read about it.. Jackie: Big Brother 16 cast revealed..


PHS:  "Memorial scholarship honors late PHS wrestling star"
Disabled Students in Sports:  "Christie signs bill requiring high schools to accommodate disable students"
DWI:  "Plainfield driver charged with DWI in Fanwood"

Development Misadventures:  "Failed senior project now a tangle of lawsuits"
Hospitals:  "Controversial sale of Passaic hospital wins state approval"
Rutgers:  "Sweeney delivers ultimatum on bill to add political appointees to board" -- PolNJ | Ledger |
South Plainfield:  "Borough's first National Night Out set for August 5"
Summit: "Council funds study on Fire HQ: Renovate or replace?"
Trenton:  "Christie pledges support for mayor-elect Jackson"

Bridgegate --
350th Anniversary:  "Channel Isle of Jersey to help NJ celebrate 350 years"
Arbitration Cap Bill:  "Compromise property tax relief law heads to Christie's desk"
Bail Reform:  "SCLC official: 'reform' measure is 'conspiracy against the poor'"
NJ Budget --
NJ Supremes:  "NJ Senate confirms Rabner, Solomon for highest court"
Teacher Residency:  "Senate panel advance bill to eliminate requirement for many teachers"


[BERNICE] is taking aa break -- be sure to read about it.

[OLDDOC] on Bernice's 'break' and the 2015 healthcare outlook.

[JACKIE] Big Brother 16 cast revealed.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Olddoc offers two posts on Council meeting.. Bernice notes Shade Tree Commission event; says she is taking a break.. David uggests Council take a hint from BOE's exec session practice.. Jackie: Big Brother 16: Twists and house photos revealed


AKAs:  "Watson Coleman sponsors bill allowing AKA vanity plates" -- Deltas next?

Ambulance Wars:  "Fulop, CarePoint and JCMC in tug-of-war over ambulance service"
Facebook:  "Facebook suffers worldwide outage Thursday morning"
Hospitals:  "Valley Hospital's next step critical after expansion shot down"
Middlesex County:  "Rutgers Extension offers free workshop on fairy gardens"
North Plainfield:  "Boy Scouts rocket derby launches summer season"
Piscataway:  "Court slams prosecutor's 'gross abuse' in mom case"
South Plainfield:  "SP Ed Foundation hosts inaugural vendor show"
Westfield: "Council approves demolition of 7 homes"
Union County Jail:  "Restraint contributed to inmate's death, authorities say"

Christie Pension Plan --
'Rape Culture':  "Morris Knolls students, parents say protest had an impact"


[BERNICE] notes Shade Tree Commission event; says she is taking a break

[OLDDOC] offers two posts on Council meeting.

[DAVID] suggests Council take a hint from BOE's exec session practice.

[JACKIE] Big Brother 16: Twists and house photos revealed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Olddoc briefly recaps Council, full post to come later.. Bernice: Media, liquor licenses dominate Council..


Assault:  "Cops say Plainfield man punched lifeguards who saved him"
Watchung Reservation:  "Couple says they were attacked by beaver at Lake Surprise"

Hospitals:  "Ridgewood planning board to vote on Valley Hospital expansion"
Newark --
North Plainfield:  "Volunteers sought to work with boro youth"
Princeton:  "Council considers wage theft ordinance to protect daylaborers"
Rutgers:  "Mystery man in photo collection identified"
South Plainfield:  "Library getting $2.6M expansion"
Trenton:  "Mayor-elect Jackson to meet with Muschal on $23M in state aid"

Arbitration Caps:  "Key property tax relief bill on way to Christie's desk"
Attorney General:  "AG's office seeks warrantless access to phone billing records" -- Aping Big Brother?
Civil Service:  "Legislature passes new resolution to stop civil service changes"
Pay Equity:  "Gender pay equity bill sent to Christie"
State Budget --
Policing:  "NJ Senate panel approves bill putting video cameras in cop cars"
NJ Supremes --
SCOTUS:  "US Supreme Court upholds law banning straw purchases of guns"


[BERNICE] Media, liquor licenses dominate Council.

[OLDDOC] briefly recaps Council, full post to come later.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Olddoc offers ACA potpourri; Comments on David's Council video.. Bernice: Council seeks to cover festival costs.. David posts video on support for Lamar Mackson.. Rebecca honors Ruby Dee..


North Plainfield --
GOP:  "Union County GOP chooses Mortimer to replace Morrin"
Newark:  "Crump confident she'll remain Council president"
Roselle:  "Mayor becomes kindergarteners' coloring book character"
Rutgers:  "Revised bill to expand RU board fails to win over administrators"
Somerville:  "Racism lawsuit by black employees rocks borough"
Trenton:  "Police make 2 more arrests as copper continues to be stolen from roof"
Union  County:  "County employee artists show work at Freeholders Gallery"
Woodbridge:  "Amazon facility cited after worker crushed to death in conveyor"

Bridgegate --
Black Issues:  "African American legislators announce alliance to drive issues home"
Healthcare:  "Progress noted in electronically linking patient records"
High School Sports:  "Bill would require districts to accommodate disable students"
Online Gambling:  "NJ online gambling hits wall six months after startup"
Policing:  "Anti-overdose drug becoming an everyday part of police work"
Port Authority:  "PA acknowledges SEC investigation into use of money for NJ road projects"
Schools:  "NJ makes progress with Race To The Top application" -- NJSpot | Ledger |
State Pensions --
Teacher Tenure --
National Politics:  "Dem strategy: Watch the GOP implode"


[BERNICE] notes Council seeks to cover costs of festivals; Latin Dance Concert Saturday.

[OLDDOC] offers an ACA potpourri; Comments on David's Council video.

[DAVID] video of comments in support of Lamar Mackson.

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger] recognizes Ruby Dee.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bernice: An RDO-backed GOP Council candidate?.. Olddoc sneaks a peek at Council agenda.. Jackie's week in review catches storm clouds over Plainfield..


Arrest:  "Plainfield teen charged with attempted murder, robbery" -- Courier | Ledger |

The Auditor:  "The story behind the botched Bridgegate news conference"
Asbury Park:  "Vegan restaurant with a liquor license"
Newark:  "Feds deny Head Start funding to Preschool Council"
New York Politics:  "Al Sharpton warns against race-baiting in NYC race" -- Aimed at Charlie Rangel?
Real Estate:  "Cracking down on illegal mortgage referrals"
South Plainfield:  "Taco Bell introduces the quesarito" -- With bizarre captioned photo.


[BERNICE] ponders an RDO-backed GOP council candidate.

[OLDDOC] takes a sneak peek at Council's agenda.

[JACKIE] the weekd in review includes storm clouds.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Olddoc on D-Day and one last post on the elections.. Bernice: Lenny Aguirre's leap of faith.. Councilor Williams gets back to life -- and the Darkinboddy Chronicles..


Meet of Champions:  "Boys 110m hurdles: Trial results and finalists" -- Two Plainfielders place.
Special Needs Students:  "Plainfield, among other districts, prepares to comply with court settlement"
Traffic Alert:  "Route 22 construction in North Plainfield, Green Brook" -- Somerset Street to King George Road.
Tri-County Chamber of Commerce:  "Breakfast focuses on using technology to promote your business"
Obituary:  "Charles 'Chucky' Grover, former Plainfield firefighter"

D-Day:  "Rahway vet's 1979 letter to dis daughter describing D-Day"
Delbarton School:  "Settling lawsuit, school releases abuse victim from confidentiality agreement"
Hospitals:  "Nurses union fears lockout at Christ Hospital"
Paterson:  "Outgoing mayor's attempt to appoint himself to utility commission falls to intense scrutiny"
Police Contract:  "Hamilton police sign new contract"
Trenton:  "Rally for Jackson revels in Watson Coleman victory"

Christie Cabinet:  "Christie chief of staff may be considered for Attorney General"
'Ban the Box' Bill:  "Bill on criminal background checks advances"
Obamacare:  "Impact on NJ health insurance rates mostly for the better"
State Candy?:  "Bill to make salt water taffy the state candy advances"
School Suprintendents:  "Bill would eliminate caps on salaries"
State Pensions --
Tourette Syndrome:  "Study eyes new treatment for misunderstood condition"


[BERNICE] on Lenny Aguirre's leap of faith.

[OLDDOC] on D-Day's importance; and one last post on the election.

[Councilor WILLIAMS] gets back to her life-- and to the Darkinboddy Chronicles.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bernice updates us on candidates; Muhlenberg SED move; takes on newsgathering.. Olddoc has two posts on election.. Rebecca thanks the voters...and notes she won't cut her conscience to fit this year's fashion..


Hospitals:  "Shakeup at CarePoint includes ouster of Hoboen hospital's CEO"
Holt Congressional Seat --
Drug Overdose:  "Hillside firefighters use nasal spray on person who OD'ed"
Edison:  "Proposed 9% tax hike sparks call to action"
Newark:  "Rock Plaza Lofts project marks milestone"
Scotch Plains:  "Photo show at library captures another side of Newark"
Veterans:  "Fulop joins Michelle Obama in committing to ending vet homelessness"
Watchung:  "Boro faces tough decisions about library"

Bridgegate --
Elections:  "Early voting bill could help put end to NJ's low turnouts"
Energy:  "NJ says 3rd-party suppliers lied about savings promises" -- NJSpot | Courier |
Net Neutrality:  "Public piles on the net neutrality debate"
Schools:  "NJ returns partial control of schools to Newark and Paterson"
State Benefits:  "Retiree health benefits easier to cut than pensions"


[BERNICE] updates us on candidates; Muhlenberg SED move noted; comments on newsgathering.

[OLDDOC] offers two posts on the election; one more to come?

[Councilor WILLIAMS] thanks the voters.

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger] notes she will not cut her conscience to fit this year's fashion.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Olddoc on Election; Habitat's upcoming 'blitz' project.. Bernice on Primary results; BOE filing date..


Plainfield Dem Primary:  "Plainfield Dems split votes in primary"
Holt Congressional Seat:  "Watson Coleman wins Dem primary in CD12"-- PolNJ | Ledger | NJSpot |

Westfield:  "Town changes rules for selling, serving alcoholic beverages"
Union County:  "2014 Primary election results"

Bridgegate --
Firefighters:  "Report: NJ firefighters highest paid in nation"
Pensions:  "Poll: NJ should pay full pensions, voters say"

[BERNICE] notes Primary Election results and BOE filing date.

[OLDDOC] on Election results and Habitat's 'blitz' project.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Dottie G: Election Eve thoughts.. Olddoc on Dottie G, a plug for El-Amin, more.. Bernice: When Jerry dumped Bonnie.. Councilor Wiliams: Let's remove those Green stains.. David: recaps Jerry's embarrassments plus more..


Historic Photo:  "Preston and Susie Smith's 1933 wedding"

Asbury Park:  "More than 20,000 attend annual Jersey Pride event" -- Courier | Ledger |
Energy:  "Princeton mulls buying energy in bulk to save taxpayers money"
Jersey City:  "Pedestrian-friendly plan would shut downtown street to traffic"
Roselle Park:  "Woman wins five-year battle over parking ticket"

State Pensions:  "NJ pension crisis grows deeper"

[BERNICE] on Jerry dumping Bonnie [Watson Coleman].

[OLDDOC] on Dottie Gutenkauf's speaking out; a plug for El-Amin; more coming.

[Councilor WILLIAMS] says 'let's remove those stubborn Green stains'.

[DAVID] recaps Jerry Green's embarrassments plus more.

[DOTTIE G SEZ] offers some thoughts on Election Eve [use link here].