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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Olddoc responds to Nat and Dottie.. Bernice & Rucker wish all Happy Easter.. Maria checks Plainfield school costs against some yardsticks.. Williams on Freeholder Carter.. Jackie finds more signs of spring.. PSN: Justice over Binghamton..

The Green Brook:  "Trash pollutes brook along Plainfield-North Plainfield boundary" -- Photo gallery here.
Shooting Victim:  "Cops: Victim may lose part of arm from gunshot wound"
Obituary:  "Sally Evans Beckwith, community activist, Act IV member"

Mercer County:  "County's community ID program deemed a success"

Gov. Christie:  "Why men love Christie, women not so much" -- Kathleen O'Brien.
The Auditor:  "Guadagno dragging her feet?; getting serious about Snooki"
School Elections:  "Rhetoric less heated in NJ school elections this year"

Product Prices:  "Smaller packeges equal price increases"
Unitarians:  "For Unitarians, Easter is a day of renewal" -- What about FUSP?

RECENT POSTS: Bernice wishes all a Happy Easter. Olddoc answers commenters Nat and Dottie. Maria uses Asbury Park's school audit to probe Plainfield costs. Councilor Williams on Freeholder Linda Carter, notable woman in policits. Dr. E=MC², continues his criticism of BOE member Lenny Cathcart. Tony Rucker, at Queen City Progressive, wishes Happy Easter and Passover to all. Jackie Schnoop's The (TV) Show Must Go On, this week's pix find more hints of spring (yay!). Plainfield Sports News finds Justice race past Binghamton.

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