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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bernice: Mapp bristles at failure to put out RFQ on PMUA dissolution.. Olddoc researches prayer at public meetings.. Renata remembers Tiffany Corbett.. At PSN, Noel Pyne interviews Sekou Harris on his college choice.. Maria on gardening in tight spaces..


Obituaries, Tiffany Corbett:  "Courier" | "Ledger"
Shooting:  "Police investigate apparent robbery that escalated into shooting" -- Previously reported on Plainfield Today (see here).
Trailside Nature Center:  "Evening 'Dusk to Dark' programs offered" -- Showcasing creatures of the night.

Liberty State Park:  "LSC to host Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic"
Orange:  "Mayor Eldridge Hawkins fights crime, battles critics and lawsuits"
South Plainfield:  "Middle school students held in fire that led to evacuation"
Union County Layoffs:  "CountyWatchers spots possible employee lawsuit grounds"
Utilities Investment Recovery:  "Gas utilities look for deal to recoup investments"

'Backup' Debt:  "Moody's: NJ governments face risk on 'backup' debt"
Opportunity Scholarship Act --
"Getting kids out of failing public schools is goal, Christie says"
"Liberal blog calls Booker a 'sellout' for attending Koch Brothers-funded conference"
Rutgers Merger:  "Rutgers trustees overwhelmingly reject merger that would lose Camden campus"
Schools:  "NJ Board of Ed scrutinizes Christie blueprint for schools" -- From NJSpotlight.
Sick Leave Payout Caps:  "NJ Supremes rule caps for school administrators are legal"

Pulitzer Prize:  "Veteran Montclair journalist named to Pulitzer Prize board"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice notes Mapp bristles at failure to put out RFQ for attorney to study reabsorption of PMUA.  Olddoc researches rulings on prayer at public meetings. Maria on gardening in tight spaces. At Plainfield Sports News, Noel Pyne interviews Sekou Harris as he reviews his decision for FDU. Renata, at Standing in the Gap, remembers Tiffany Corbett.

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