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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bernice reviews some questions about tonight's Council agenda.. Olddoc posts his agenda comments/questions on Sundays..

Cathedral International:  "Plainfield congregation holds annual Hope McLean Austin Block Party"
Union County:  "County expands emergency dispatch operations, towns share services"

Edison:  "'Plays-in-the-Park' celebrates five decades" -- At Roosevelt Park.
Newark:  "Charter school on shaky ground; lease for unused facility at center of state probe"
Victoria Foundation:  "After years of treating Newark like a home, foundation makes it one"

Affordable Housing:  "Leauge of Municipalities files motion to protect housing money from state"
Charter Schools:  "State blocks one charter, but more may be coming"
Paula Dow Nomination:  "NJ judges allegedly forced to back Dow's nomination to bench"

LIBOR:  "Why the LIBOR scandal is such a big deal" | "Diamond blames regulators" -- Think your mortgage, credit card, auto, student loan, everything you borrow...
Police Surveillance:  "Cell carriers are flooded by requests to aid surveillance" -- 1.3M demands for subscriber info last year.
Swearing Politicians:  "$?(&! What summer swearing streak says about politics these days"
Animal Rescue:  "Tiny kitten rescued from trash bag in dumpster is alive, thriving"
Obituary:  "Ernest Borgnine, won Oscar for 'Marty'"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice reviews some questions about tonight's Council agenda. Olddoc notes he will try to post review of Council agendas on Sunday before meeting; asks if there was 'rain date' planning for holiday events Saturday.

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