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Monday, December 2, 2013

Olddoc on stalactites and stalagmites.. Bernice: Mayor's nominations sketchy, flawed.. Jackie's The Amazing Race blog party rolls on..

Thanksgiving Day Game:  "Westfield dominates Plainfield in annual holiday game"
Historic Photos:  "Vintage NJ Post Offices" -- Including an 1888 shot of Plainfield P.O. on Front Street.

Elizabeth:  "Off-duty South Plainfield cop shot near strip club"
Jersey City:  "Fulop talks policy, Porth Authority, rumors he wants to be governor"
'Kitchen Cousins;:  "Tenafly couple sues HGTV stars for alleged shoddy work"
School Lunches:  "Student-submitted photos of the good, the bad, the ugly"
South Plainfield:  "8th grade students are masters of invention"
Trenton:  "Vacant Victorian new home to African American Chamber of Commerce"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice notes Mayor's proposed appointments are sketchy, flawed.  Olddoc pictures the Postojna caves -- is that Trieste? 
At Jackie's TV Blog, Tha Amazing Race blog party continues.

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