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Friday, August 22, 2014

Olddoc takes online courses.. Bernice on Jobs Fair and Anti-Violence Forum.. David posts some great Montreal shots.. Jackie: BB16 live feeds overnight..


Anti-Violence March & Forum --
Union County Vo-Tech:  "Magnet School and Academy for IT among top vo-techs  in NJ"

Elizabeth:  "Lawyers in free lunch case want charges dismissed" -- Frank Capece, Esq.
Jersey City:  "City would pay $45M in rent over 25 years for proposed city hall annex"
Newark --
Bank of America Mortgage Fraud:  "NJ federal prosecutor played key role in settlement"
Medical Licenses:  "Judge recommends revoking NJ abortion doctor's license"
Political Contributions:  "NJ mayor employed by PAC that contributed to his campaign"
Red Light Cams:  "17,000 NJ fines dismissed because drivers never got the tickets"
Scrap Metal Thieves:  "Deer cam helps catch metal thieves"


[BERNICE] on Jobs Fair and Anti-Violence Forum.

[OLDDOC]  takes online courses.

[DAVID] posts some great Montreal shots, despite the rain.

[JACKIE] BB16 live feeds overnight.