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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Olddoc on his great-grandson's Bar Mitzvah.. Bernice on JG and the GOP; Stabbing, shooting raise questions..


League of Women Voters:  "Candidate profiles and answers to questions" -- Forum is set for Tuesday, Oct. 28.
Cardinals Football:  "Ridge hangs in for win over Plainfield"
McGreevey:  "McGreevey as mayor of Jersey City?"
Shooting, Stabbing:  "Two injured after shooting, stabbing in Plainfield" -- Courier | Ledger |

Carteret:  "Mayor takes action after learning of sex scandal"
Jersey City:  "City to restructure police department for first time in two decades"
Linden:  "Chemical cloud released at Bayway Refinery"
Newark:  "Baraka demands schools return to city control in NYTimes OpEd" -- OpEd is here.
North Plainfield:  "NJSIAA: Not enough proof of racial prank in banana case"
Trenton:  "Ferguson-inspired mural removed at police request"

Affordable Housing:  "NJ affordable housing rules stuck in limbo" -- Ledger | NJSpot |
Ebola:  "What the CDC got wrong about Ebola"
Electronic Billboards:  "Appeals court rules NJ towns can ban them"
Gay Rights:  "NJ advocates coping with waning interest since victory in marriage issue"
Oil Politics:  "Questions arise as oil prices drop"
Red-Light Cams:  "League of Municipalities says program should not be scrapped"
Soccer:   "US defeats Haiti in Women's Soccer World Cup"
Sports Betting:  "Sports leagues seek to stop betting from beginning in NJ"
Turnpike:  "$2.5B widening between Exits 6 and 9 ready to open"


[BERNICE] on JG and the GOP; Stabbing, shooting raise questions.

[OLDDOC] on his great-grandson's Bar Mitzvah.