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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bernice asks why people don't attend BOE meetings.. Olddoc on Tuesday's elections.. Rebecca urges 'yes' votes on public questions.. David posts video of Cornel West visit.. Jackie: Week in review including fall foliage.. Noel on Piscataway vs. South Brunswick..


Cardinals Football:  "Elizabeth tops Plainfield"
Burglary:  "Plainfield man caught in burglary by K-9"
Watson Coleman Campaign:  "GOP candidate falsely claims Michael Moore funds Dem"

Essex County:  "Are Millenials seeking public office a trend?"

Cricket:  "For a Brooklyn cricketer, extra innings"
Distilleries:  "Distilleries in NJ are ready for business"
Global Warning:  "New climate report draws stark conclusions"
School Board Elections:  "More are in November, but take a back seat on the ballot"


[BERNICE] asks why people don't attend BOE meetings.

[OLDDOC] on Tuesday's elections.

[DAVID] posts video of Cornel West visit.

[JACKIE] Week in review plus pix, including fall foliage.

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger] urges 'yes' votes on public questions.

[NOEL at PALS] on Piscataway vs. South Brunswick.