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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bernice: Williamson to update Council on PMUA.. Olddoc on Monday's Council agenda.. Councilor Storch on the December 1 Council meeting.. Councilor Williams offers a Morrison-Baldwin haiku.. Jackie's very different week in review.. Rebecca on Ferguson and the Garner case..


George Clinton:  "10 things we learned from Clinton's astounding autobiography" -- from Rolling Stone.
Garner Grand Jury:  "Grand jury decision reveberates across NJ"
Port Authority:  "Toll hike goes in effect today for bridges and tunnels" -- Interactive tool here.
Weather:  "Nor'easter heading our way"

Civil Forfeiture:  "Cars, cash, gear go to cash-strapped law enforcement agencies"
New Brunswick:  "No arrests in police brutality protest"
Trenton:  "Mill Hill hosts annual house tour"

Christie for President:  "Christie ambitions leave attorney general's job in limbo"
Addiction Treatment:  "Heroin treatment Suboxone exposes divide between medical, policy sides"
Immigration Reform:  "DeBlasio to host mayors at reform forum"
Policing:  "Body cams on cops are 'no safeguard of truth' experts say"
Retirement:  "Of the right age, but can't seem to stay retired"

Mortgages:  "Lending outside the guidelines" -- For the self-employed.


[BERNICE] Williamson to update Council on PMUA.

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[Councilor WILLIAMS] offers a Morrison-Baldwin haiku.

[JACKIE] A very different week in review.

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