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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Olddoc on the GOP debates.. Bernice: Good, bad, ugly; Official election results..

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Plainfield High School:  "PHS schedules changing mid-year"
Plainfield Public Library:  "Photo exhibit opens Saturday"
Voices of Valor: "Voices of Valor releases benefit CD for vets" -- A project of Plainfielders Brian Dallow and Rena Fruchter.

Cricket:  "All-Stars take over Citi Field, star power helps promote sport in US"
Elizabeth:  "City pays $145K to woman who says cop threw her against car"
Green Brook:  "Strike N Spare rolls into the 21st century as Bowlmor"
Jersey City:  "Labor groups demand $15 minimum hourly wage"
Linden:  "Judge throws out drug case, saying officer was 'grossly negligent'"
Middle School:  "School defends assignment about drinking, sex and herpes"
Newark --
Potholes:  "Obscene graffiti gets potholes fixed"
South Plainfield:  "Former police chief gets probation for assault"
Trenton --

GOP Debate --
GOP Kids Table --
Catholic Church:  "Church can and must chance, Francis forcefully tells gathering"
Clinton Campaign:  "Clinton's NJ supporters meet to discuss strategy, fundraising"
Government:  "NJ gets a 'D' on good government report card"
H1-B Visas:  "Large companies game the system, costing US jobs"
Fantasy Sports:  "NY's attorney general orders leagues to stop taking bets in NY"
Legislation:  "Christie vetoes bill to reform election laws"
Transportation:  "Investing in mass transit is road to NJ's prosperity"


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