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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bernice: HPC clears plan for pre-Civil War building.. A sign of past times.. Olddoc: More thoughts about the Muhlenberg plan.. Notes business changes brought on by the Internet ... Sears among them.. Jackie: Survivor: Game Changers, April 26 blog party.. Anonymous Gadfly: 5 minutes...please..

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Arbor Day:  "Plainfield Shade Tree Commission will join YMCA to celebrate Arbor Day"
Commuting:  "NJ Transit make you late? It'll give you a note for your boss.  Seriously"
Healthy Food Tasting:  "Free healthy food tasting event at Isabelita Market today"
Drugs:  "$50K in drugs, $1,500  in cash seized in Plainfield raidds"

Sydney McLaughlin:  "Photos from a Union Catholic practice session"
Newark --
New Brunswick:  "BOE president defeated by one vote" -- Get a look at those sad turnout numbers, and NB is about the same size as Plainfield.
Starbucks:  "$10 coffee hits NJ at new Starbucks Reserve store"
Toms River:  "Town's controversial ordinance to ban drones gets tabled"
United Methodist Church:  "UMC to hold special session in 2019 on LGBTQ inclusion"

Trump World --
2017 Guv Race --
ICE:  "ICE arrests in NJ up 20% since October"
Obamacare Revision:  "Up to 4 million Jerseyans could lose healthcare under GOP-proposed changes"


[BERNICE]   HPC clears plan for pre-Civil War building; A sign of past times.

[OLDDOC]   More thoughts about the Muhlenberg plan; Notes business changes brought on by the Internet ... Sears among them.  (4/26/17)

[Mayor MAPP]  9th Annual MLK Potluck and Food Drive.

[Councilor STORCH]  Stigma-Free Zone launches April 8 at City Hall. (04/06//17)

[Council President WILLIAMS]  aster Egg Hunt Saturday at Cedar Brook Park. (4/04/17)

[DAVID]  Photos of Queen City Baseball League's opening day. (04/10/17)

[JACKIE]  Survivor: Game Changers, April 26 blog party. (4/26/17)

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Nina Simone sings (on the death of Martin Luther King Jr.). (4/04/17)

[NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]   Bridgewater-Raritan ends Plainfield season on a losing note. (3/26/17).

[Anonymous Gadfly]    5 minutes...please.  (4/26/17)

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