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Friday, July 7, 2017

Council President Williams: Community Service: LiVay Sweet Shop's 'Smile Drive'.. Jackie: BB19: HoH Comp blog party and updates.. David: Fourth of July photos..

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duCret School of Art:  "Swain Galleries hosts annual Spring duCret Students' Show"
Summer Concerts:  "Plainfield's free summer concert series begins August 3"

Air Travel:  "United drops online check-in for no-frills fares"
Edison:  "Amazon to open new facility in old Frigidaire plant"
Hudson River Tunnels:  "Cost of new tunnels soars by billions"
Lakewood:  "12 more residents charged in massive welfare fraud sweep"
Watchung:  "NJ's popular Western bar The Colorado Cafe, closes abrupty"

Trump World --
Gov.Christie:  "Could 'Beachgate' send Christie down to single digits in polls?"
CD7:  "Facing tough re-election, Lance distances himself from Trump"
NJ Shutdown:  "State website points furloughed workers toward unemployment claims"  -- Ledger | Courier | PoliticoNJ |
Voter Fraud Commission:  "Booker wants NJ to keep data from commission"


[BERNICE] Bernice is ending the blog.

[OLDDOC]  offers a Jewish prayer before travel on this July 4 weekend. (7/01/17)

[Mayor MAPP]  Mayor Adrian Mapp thanks Plainfield voters. (6/09/2017)

[Councilor STORCH]  Plainfield needs the Adrian Mapp team. (06/05//17)

[Council President WILLIAMS]  Community Service: LiVay Sweet Shop's 'Smile Drive'.. (7/06/17)

[DAVID]  Fourth of July photo. (07/06/17)

[JACKIE]   BB19: HoH Comp blog party and updates.  (7/06/17)

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Rebecca uploads three versions of 'I'm gonna land on the shore' by Toshi Reagon, her mother Bernice Johnson Reagon and civil rights icon Fannie Lou Hamer. (7/03/17)

[NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]   Noel at HS Sports reports on PHS 2017 Hall of Fame. (7/03/17).

[Anonymous Gadfly]   Just when you thought you had seen it all.  (7/02/17).

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