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Friday, September 7, 2018

Booker releases secret emails in Kavanaugh hearing.. Metuchen diocese suspends priest.. Couple wants to take 5th in homeless vet's missing money.. Jackie: Big Brother 20 Live Eviction blog party..

  • Taking a mental health day. -- Dan
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PHS:  "Scenes from PHS first day back to school"

Citywide At-Large Seat:  "Two file to oppose Armady"
The Coffee Box:  "Profile of Jeff Spelman of The Coffee Box"
Environmental Fair:  "PMUA's Eric Watson Environmental Fair this Saturday"
Plainfield Symphony:  "PSO Gala kicks off 99th season"
Truck Recall:  "Ford launches massive recall for 2 million F-150 trucks over fire danger"
Union County:  "Allegations Devanney tipped selection to Malinowski over his own hometown candidate"

Catholic Church --
Conflict of Interest?:  "Hoboken officials want Planning Board member removed for suggesting lawyers"
Cybertheft:  "NJ man admits $1.8M cryptocurrency heist and kidnapping acquaintance"
Homeless Vet --
Immigrants:  "Is it time for NJ to license undocumented drivers?"
Newark --
Paterson:   "$200K settlement for lesbian teacher banished to 'rubber room'"
Public Records:  "Lakewood town manager quits abruptly in email/public records dispute"
Schools:  "Why NJ students dominate the country i learning foreign languages-- Does anyone remember FLES?
Views:  "Most beautiful places in each county"

2018 Senate Race:  "Sabato: NJ Senate race still likely Democratic"
Sen. Booker --
Democrats:  "This is the first wave of an invasion"
Trump World --

  • [ OLDDOC] Olddoc on Tuesday Council session.  (09/05/18)
  • [Mayor MAPP]  Mayor Mapp advises he has discontinued his blog.
  • [Councilor STORCH]  Storch supports expansion of Plainfield historic districts. (08/28/18)
  • [Freeholder WILLIAMS]  Fall Hayrides and Campfires: Tickets available Sept. 4. (8/31/18)
  • [SEAN McKENNA]  Sean finally post his thoughts (Sad) on Mayor Mapp's July Council presentation. (9/04/18)
  • [JACKIE]  Big Brother 20 Live Eviction blog party. (9/06/2018)
  • [REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  2ninto d Annual Senior Swim Soiree at Hannah Atkins pool. (8/10/18)
  • [NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]  Two posts: Plainfield v. Voorhees; Elizabeth v. Bridgewater-Raritan. (09/02/18)
  • [DAN at Laona Boy] Dan remembers his childhood church, 1948-61. {08/17/18)
[Laona Boy] Dan's occasional blog about growing up in Laona, NY, in the 1950s.
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