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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Pictures from the Symphony House Tour and Boutique.. Mayors push Senators for one-seat Raritan Valley Line ride.. Art In The Age of Black Power (exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum).. Councilor Storch reports Airbnb activity in all four wards..

  • House Tour:  Scenes from the Symphony House Tour and Boutique. Read more here.
  • Raritan Valley Line:  Mayors of Raritan Valley Coalition press Senators on direct line to NYC. Read more here.
  • Week in Review:  Plainfield week in review: Recycling changes, Comment on charter schools, more. Read more here.
  • Obituary:  George H.W. Bush, 41st President. -- Politico | InsiderNJ | NJGlobe | Gannett | Ledger |


  • Exhibit: Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power. Read more here. -- At the Brooklyn Museum.
  • Ebola:  Ebola outbreak in Congo now the second biggest ever. Read more here.
  • Newark:  Baraka appoints temporary director to embattled water department. Read more here.
  • Ledger:  Ledger boycotts Murphy's holiday party. Read more here. -- And Wildstein gets a dig in at the Ledger, which didn't treat him too kindly in the Bridgegate matter.
  • Piscataway:  Doctor loses license for over-prescribing painkillers. Read more here.
  • Political History:  NJ's bigamist Congressman. Read more here. The curse of the Longworth Office Building. Read more here.
  • Porch Thief:  Security cam catches North Plainfield package thief. Read more here.
  • Redistricting:  More than 130 leaders join to demand rejection of redistricting proposal. -- InsiderNJ | Read more here.
  • Re-Entry:  McGreevey re-entry program gets new quarters in Paterson. Read more here.
  • Sexual Assault:  Neil deGrasse Tyson denies accusations of sexual assault. Read more here.
  • Sexual Predation: A horrific story of how Jason Epstein assaulted hundreds of teens and got just a slap on the wrist. Read more here.
  • Gov. Murphy:  Murphy to head Dem Governors Association in 2020. -- InsiderNJ | NJGlobe |
  • Dem Relations:  How bad are things between Mirphy and Dem leaders? He won't give out Jets tickets. Read more here.
  • Sanctuary Cities:  Another federal court nixes Trump move to cut funds for sanctuary cities. Read more here.

  • Bush Funeral:  Despite bitter family rivalry, Bush wanted Trump at his funeral. Read more here.
  • Cohen: Cohen claims 'regular contact' with Trump lawyers as he crafted false statement to Congress. Read more here.

  • [OLDDOC] Olddoc on Monday's Council agenda]  . (11/18/18)
  • [Mayor MAPP]  Mayor Mapp advises he has discontinued his blog.
  • [Councilor STORCH]  Councilor Storch reports Airbnb activity in all four wards. (11/28/18)
  • [Freeholder WILLIAMS]  Jennifer Popper honored as Union County Volunteer. (11/28/18)
  • [SEAN McKENNA]  My vote is for Ron Johnson on Nov. 6. (11/06/18)
  • [JACKIE]  Survivor: David v. Goliath Nov. 28 blog party. (11/28/18)
  • [REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Black Nativity Holiday Bazaar at FUSP. (11/12/18)
  • [NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]  Noel analyzes the Plainfield-Westfield Thanksgiving game. (11/25/18)
  • [CARL at Plainfield Wildlife] New! YouTube Channel by Plainfielder Carl Monopoli, featuring Plainfield wildlife. . Awesome possum (night camera) here. (11/11/18)
  • [DAN at Laona Boy] Dan recalls boyhood Halloweens of the 1950s. (10/30/18)
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