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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bernice on Dunn and PMUA meeting schedule.. Maria ponders favoritism, cronyism, nepotism and more.. Olddoc: A followup on Newt, gaze turns to Obama.. Jackie invites all to Survivor South Pacific blog party..

Appeal Denied:  "Plainfield man's appeal denied in gang rape case"
Cellphone Text Alert:  "Some NJ users may be affected by test of emergency alert today" -- It's a TEST.
Public Records:  "Bill would extend computer access to agency records" -- Including local authorities.
School Vouchers:  "Voucher program would send public dollars to private schools"

Essex County:  "Freeholders award controversial immigration detention contract"
Food Stamps:  "Hunterdon, NJ's richest county, leads rise in food stamp recipients"
Mt. Saint Mary Academy:  "Students honored for creating public service announcements"
Newark:  "Hope emerges as city's population grows for first time in 60 years"
Postal Closures:  "Newark residents in uproar over proposed branch closings"
Trenton:  "State takes hiring authority away from Mayor Mack"
Union County College:  "Lady Owls continue undefeated season"
Union County Freedholders:  "Report: Shut MusicFest down, send in a new prosecutor" -- From CountyWatchers.

Christie & Codey:  "Christie ducks question on Codey, takes swipe at ex-gov"
DYFS:  "Report: Agency still failing to help troubled families"
Energy:  "NJ prepares to work around federal blocking of new power plants" -- From NJSpotlight.
Medical Marijuana:  "Town prepares for showdown over proposed medical pot greenhouse"
Telecom Deregulation:  "Stalled Lesniak bill could still rise in lame duck session" -- Opposed by AARP for stripping consumer protections.
Trooper Overtime:  "Attorney General blocks public knowledge of trooper overtime pay"

Parking on Lawns:  "NJ town's new ordinance bans parking on lawns" -- $1,000 fine.
Sexual Violence:  "CDC study finds nearly 1 in 5 US women has been raped" -- Complete study is here.

RECENT POSTS: Bernice on learning that PMUA appointee Dunn has problem with meeting dates. Olddoc posts a follow-up on Newt, and turns his gaze to Obama. Maria ponders favoritism, cronyism, nepotism and equal employment opportunity violations. At Jackie's TV Blog, all are invited to the Survivor South Pacific blog party.

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