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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maria invites input on Reconfiguration meeting at Hubbard.. Olddoc and Bernice were both at Council, so check back later for possible posts..

2008 Robbery:  "Plainfield man faces life in prison following robbery conviction"

Biking:  "Hoboken installs first self-service bike repair station"
Business Licenses:  "As Trenton raises license fee, merchants raise a cry"
Gasoline:  "Percentage of US family income spent on gas highest in 30 years"
Hospitals:  "New programs aim to reduce hospital readmissions" -- From NJSpotlight.
Illegal Dumping:  "NJ recycling firm fined $500K for dumping debris on farmland"
Rahway Incinerator:  "UCUA: Extended incinerator deal means lower garbage bills for towns"
-- From NJSpotlight.
Scotch Plains:  "Rescue squad turns 75, oldest in state"
Solar Panels on Public Buildings:  "Passaic County rethinks solar panel project"
Union County Freeholders:  "Will there be a MusicFest 2012?" -- A poll by CountyWatchers.

AT&T:  "$39B bid for T-Mobile pulled after regulator opposition"
Corzine:  "Ex-aides: Lying not among Corzine's faults"

Public Records --

Sewer Rules:  "EPA region chief: Christie portrayal of sewer rules 'very unfortunate'" -- Gannett | Ledger |

RECENT POSTS: Check back later for Bernice and Olddoc. Maria invites input on Reconfiguration meeting at Hubbard, plus more on Special Ed in the District.

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