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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bernice: Budget hearing on Public Safety tonight; Willilamson's appointment to PMUA job.. Councilor Williams: Mayor calls Storch 'a jerk', Reid ignores Council rules, Dunn justifies $1M giveaway.. Olddoc: 3rd segment on Council.. Renata on Trayvon Martin case developments.. Jackie's Surivor blog party is open..

PMUA:  "PMUA chooses new executive director" -- You'll never guess who.
Fraud:  "Former Morristown & Erie chief Gordon Fuller indicted in $800K fraud"
Ledger | Record | NJToday | NJNewsroom |
Shooting:  "Plainfield man shot after diving to avoid gunfire" -- Hmmm...
Union County College:  "County college evacuated after bomb threats"

10th Congressional District Race:  "Former governor Codey endorses Ron Rice"
Middlesex County:  "Christie says Dems must answer for ties to Middlesex County PACs"
Rahway:  "$125,000 spent to prepare Hamilton arts facility for opening"
Somerset County:  "Police regionalization report coming"
Union County:  "Freeholder candidate says her county job was threatened by Mayor Bollwege"

Gov. Christie:  "Report: Christie dozes off at Springsteen concert"
Manufacturing:  "Marketing study finds NJ manufacturers have room for improvement"
Port Authority --
Probe:  "Exec calls probe of agency 'a shakedown'" -- Alleges Wisniewski wants contract for NJ Dem contacts.
Retirements:  "Both chief operating officer and chief administrative officer retiring in midst of reforms"

Culture Wars:  "Sagging pants earn man three days in jail"

Trayvon Martin Case --
Arrest:  "Heartbreaking tragedy results in a murder prosecution"
NJ Mural:  "ACLU: Elmwood Park mural is 'protected political speech'"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice notes tonight''s budget hearing focuses on Public Safety; Dan Williamson appointed director of PMUA and PMUA will take a look at its agreement with the city. Olddoc has a 3rd segment on the Council meeting and posts Spivey's coverage of Dan Williamson's appointment as PMUA exec. Maria is still on break. Councilor Williams, at And My Point Is. weighs in on the Council meeting, including the Mayor calling Storch 'a jerk', Councilor Reid's disregard of Council rules, and PMUA Commissioner Dunn's defense of his $1M deal. At Jackie's TV Blog, the Survivor: One World blog party is under way. Renata, at Standing in the Gap, weighs in on the Trayvon Martin case developments.

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