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Friday, April 6, 2012

Olddoc provides must-read commentary on Jerry's Muhlenberg letter.. Bernice wishes all a Happy Passover.. Maria finds a site promoting conversations about democracy..

Campaign Finance:  "Web of PACs clouds pay-to-play safeguards" -- Our pay-to-play reformers need to read this.
Gov. Christie:  "Christie hosts town hall meeting in South Plainfield Thursday"
Assemblyman Green:  "Green introduces bill expunging records of first-time drug offenders"
Jim McGreevey:  "Lessons of the holy season"
Newmark School:  "Student rings NYSE opening bell to start Autism Awareness Month"

Podcasting:  "Veterans produce podcast covering sports, sex and more"
SATs:  "NJ colleges inflated their reported SAT average scores"
Trenton:  "City failed to follow federal grant rules, may lose funding"

Charter Schools:  "Study says NJ's charter school system slips"
Eminent Domain:  "Appeals court upholds bedrock principle of condemnation: Bona fide negotiations"
Gift Cards:  "Christie lashes out at gift card companies for 'disinformation'"
Urban Mayors Summit:  "Opportunities for urban development eyed by mayors summit"

Gated Communities:  "In gated communities, a dangerous mindset"
Howard University Sports:  "After self-reporting for violations, Howard reinstates all student athletes"
NY Auto Show:  "Flying car makes its debut at NY auto show"
Obituary:   "Gil Noble, ground-breaking Black journalist"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice wishes all a Happy Passover, plus pix of floral rarities.  Olddoc provides must-read commentary to Jerry Green's letter on Muhlenberg. Maria finds a site promoting conversations about democracy.

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