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Friday, August 9, 2013

Bernice reminds all Tuesday is election day.. Olddoc offers a healthcare potpourri.. Jackie's live BB15 feeds continue..

Sandy Homebuyer Assistance Program:  "Union County residents eligible for loans to purchase homes"

Birdsall Engineering:  "Bankrupt firm to sue 23 former officials for $35M"
Elizabeth:  "Union County complex hit by power outage"
Mountainside:  "Historic Levi Cory House to be moved Aug. 24"
Newark Liberty:  "Man fined $32K for illegal GPS system that disrupted airport traffic"
North Plainfield:  "Bloods street gang graffiti found on Somerset Street building"
Red Light Cams:  "2nd class action suit settled for $2.1M"

Lautenberg Vacancy:  "Dem candidates debate in Newark" -- 2nd and final debate was Thursday.
Booze:  "Christie signs craft distillery bill into law"
Gun Bills:  "Christie signs ten bills, but leaves 5 controversial laws unsigned"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice reminds all Tuesday is Primary Election day. Olddoc offers a potpourri on health care.
At Jackie's TV Blog, the BB15 live feeds continues.

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