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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Olddoc on 2014's administration appointments.. Bernice: News biz has changed in 10 years since she retired.. Rebecca celebrates James Baldwin.. Jackie's BB15 live feeds continue.. Rebecca: Melanie finds herself a coinless vagabond..

Board of Ed:  "BOE seeks new law firm, 5 weeks after state report's criticism"
Homicide:  "Plainfield death ruled a  homicide" -- Courier | Ledger |
Plainfield Public Library:  "Archivists dig up letter by John Quincy Adams"

Comptroller's Report:  "HMOs Medicair fraud detection efforts lax"
Liquor Scam:  "TGIFs owner to pay $500K fine for selling cheap hootch as top-shelf"
Newark:  "Financial examiner appointed to guard against fraud in WISOMMM bankruptcy"
Paterson:  "Former mayor gets $74K in severance pay"

2013 Governor's Race -- Economy:  "Rutgers profs: Production returns, but jobs don't"
Legislature:  "Former NJ Supreme Court justice Wallace picked to oversee ethics panel"
Medical Marijuana:  "Christie stalls on easing rules for kids"
Obamacare:  "800,000 Jerseyans would qualify for free or subsidized coverage, Feds say"
Trenton:  "Developer pleads not guilty to bank fraud, mail fraud and false loan applications"

NJ Spotlight -- RECENT POSTS: Bernice ponders change in the news biz 10 years after her retirement. Olddoc reviews the question of administrative appointments by a new administration in 2014. At Jackie's TV Blog, the BB15 live feeds continues. Rebecca, at Bathrobe Blogger, celebrates James Baldwin. Rebecca, at The Darkinboddy Chronicles, finds Melanie a vagabond, with not a coin for bread.

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