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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bernice: Fee waiver proposal needs explanation.. Mayor Mapp: Green taking advantage and creating a distraction.. David notes Hub Stine sports complex discussion tonight..

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Community Access Unlimited:  "CAU honors community partners and staff" -- There is a sizable Plainfield facility.
Flood Insurance:  "Millions facing hikes in flood inurance premiums"
Weekend Shootings:  "Newark" | "South Hackensack" | "Trenton" | "Jersey City" | "Paterson"| -- Just so you know it's not just Plainfield.
Unclaimed Tax Refunds:  "IRS: 34,000 Jerseyans about to lose out on tax refunds"
Civil War:  "NJ was the most anti-Lincoln, anti-war Northern state" -- Was Plainfield an exception?

Asbury Park:  "Inspiration, artistry star at Music in Film Festival"
Gas Prices:  "Expect price bump this week as stations switch to summer blend"
Metal Thieves:  "Two accused of stealing copper from power substations"
Newark:  "State control of schools entering third decade"
Police Reform:  "Protesters march from NYC to DC, will hold two events in NJ"
Politics:  "Blue Wave NJ 10th anniversary bash draws NJ luminaries"
Public Records:  "Missing Englewood Cliffs council minutes never existed" -- Record | Ledger |
Rutgers --
"Will unified RU law school help or hurt legal education in NJ?"
"RU dance marathon raise $692K for charity"

Hillary --
Sen. Menendez --
Gov. Christie:  "Judge sets stage for release of whistleblower grand jury records"
Dreamers:  "Undocumented kids need tuition help" -- Editorial, Ledger.
Energy:  "Grid operator argues for plan that could cost consumers billions"
Lobbyists:  "NJ lobbying in 2014"
Obamacare:  "Income tax surprises for those facing ACA penalties"


[BERNICE] Fee waiver proposal needs explanation.

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[Mayor MAPP]  Green taking advantage and creating a distraction.

[Councilor STORCH] on what good government should look like.

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  Dem LGBT Caucus needs to call out homophobic comments by pols.

[DAVID] notes Hub Stine sports complex discussion tonight.

[JACKIE]  sees signs of Spring, finally.

[JACKIE'S PHOTO BLOG] catches an empty train.

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger] notes the Rotary Club's Wine Tasting which will honor Mayor Mapp.

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[DOTTIE G SEZ] reposts a Blue Jersey story on Jerry Green's bizarre attack.