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Friday, April 17, 2015

Bernice reports 3rd & Richmond project falters.. Olddoc on Holocaust Remembrance Day.. Councilor Storch thanks retiring police chief Ed Santiago.. Councilor Williams: Obama honors paid sick leave advocates..

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Assault:  "Three men indicted in belt attack outside The Bridge tavern" -- on the North Plainfield line.
Shooting:  "24-year-old man shot in Plainfield Wednesday night" -- Courier | Ledger |
Paid Sick Leave:  "Judge throws out suit challenging Trenton sick leave law" -- Ledger | PolNJ | NJSpot |
Route 22:  "First phase of work on Bridgewater overpass wraps up today"
Fire Safety:  "Second fire safety bill prompted by Edgewater blaze" -- Would affect Plainfield projects.

Corruption --
Elections:  "Judge rules insurgent candidates may stay on ballot in contested Dover race"
Evidence:  "Judge rules cops illegally ordered passenger out of car, tosses drug charges"
Flemington:  "Deli owner ruined by 'White History Month' backlash puts plea on GoFundMe"
Fraud:  "Former JPMorgan adviser used fake statements to fleece clients of $20M"
Highland Park:  "Boro raises cigarette buying age to 21"
Kean U.:  "Union, Kean battle over taxes on bookstore, restaurant"
Newark --
Rep.Donald Payne:  "Payne chairs congressional men's health caucus"
Trenton --
Women Religious:  "Vatican abruptly ends investigation of American nuns" -- National Catholic Reporter | Record |

Christie for President --
Campaign Finance:  "House quietly passes tax exemption for donors to secretive 501(c)(4)s"
Corruption:  "NJ the most corrupt state? Nah. Americans say it's NY"
Cuba-US Relations:  "Cuba agrees to talks, including return of Joanne Chesimard (Assata Shakur)"
Democratic Party:  "The Democrats' civil war over free trade"
E-cigarettes:  "CDC: We could see another generation getting hooked"
Medical Marijuana:  "Director of state's program has resigned"
Medicare:  "Feds expand regulations to fight fraud in NJ"
NJ Credit:  "Moody's cuts NJ's rating for 9th time, citing pension shortfall" -- Record | Ledger |
NJ Finances:  "NJ tax collections geew at 2.1 percent last year"
NJ Pensions:  "NJ's attorney argues court can't force Christie to recommend larger payment"
Obamacare:  "Florida threatens to sue over Medicaid expansion"
Open-Space Funding:  "Diversions of funds begins"
PARCC Tests:  "NJ schools see higher PARCC refusals"
Policing:  "Seminar: 8 ways to improve police-community relations"

Hair:  "New treatments for women (and men) with thinning hair"


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[OLDDOC]   on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

[Mayor MAPP]  Green taking advantage and creating a distraction.

[Councilor STORCH]  thanks retiring police chief Ed Santiago.

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  Obama honors paid sick leave advocates.

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