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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bernice: Nine seek three school board seats.. Olddoc offers a Cartoon Day (good ones!).. Noel: North Hunterdon vs. Plainfield: Opening round of NJSIAA tournament..

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Asm Jerry Green:  "Green: US could be set back 100 years if Trump wins White House"
Barack Obama Charter HS:  "State rejects expansion of Plainfield charter school"

Duke Farms:  "Famous eagle cam is back"
Elizabeth:  "Fajardo skewers school board in letter to officials" -- And they all duck commenting.
Flemington --
Jersey City:  "Fulop uses executive order to raise city worker pay to $15" -- PolNJ | Ledger |

2016 Candidates --
Bridgegate --
Gov. Christie:  "GOP Assemblyman says Christie should consider resigning"
Sen.Menendez:  "Lawyers for senator argue to appeals panel in corruption case"
Casinos:  "Public comment on NJ casino referendum"
Charter Schools:  "State approves 3 new charters, expansion of others" -- NJSpot | Ledger |
Estate Tax:  "Lawmakers move on eliminating estate tax" -- NJSpot | Ledger |
Financial Advisors:  "Ten firms with highest rate of misconduct listed"
Hepatitis C:  "NJ Senator 'appalled' by hospitals' objection to provided Hep C test"
NJ Supremes:  "Christie nominates Bauman for a seat on top court" -- PolNJ | Ledger | NJSpot |


[BERNICE]  Nine seek three school board seats.

[OLDDOC]  offers a Cartoon Day (good ones!). (2/29/16)

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[Councilor STORCH]  Development in Plainfield: Looking into the future. (2/07/16)

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  on the Mural Arts Program and Saturday's ribbon-cutting. (2/24/16)

[DAVID]  has a 'sit down' interview with BOE candidate James Plummer. (2/29/16)

[JACKIE]    Week in Review features a tunnel shot; Amazing Race blog party. (2/28/16)

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  celebrates author Octavia Estelle Butler. (2/24/2016)

[NOEL at PALS] North Hunterdon vs. Plainfield: Opening round of NJSIAA tournament. (2/29/16).