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Friday, March 25, 2016

Bernice: Register by March 29 for school board election; More stuff on school board election.. Olddoc offers a cartoon potpourri.. David on Plainfield's contaminated sites..

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Earned Sick Leave:  "Plainfield becomes 12th NJ city to offer sick leave"
Holy Week:   "Was the Last Supper a Passover seder?"
Language:  "15 words only heard in Jersey"

7-Eleven:  "Former employees charge owners with paying less than minimum wage"
Archdocese of Newark:  "Myers' successor Hebda appointed archbishop of Minneapolis-St. Paul"
Atlantic City:  "AC to offer IOUs to essential workers during shutdown"
Boy Scouts:  "Scouts, Unitarian0Universalists renew agreements-- Dissolved in 90s by UU's because of anti-gay bias.
Drones:  "18 spectacular views of NJ from drones"
Jersey City:  "Fulop: Neighborhood objections main obstacle to prisoner re-entry programs"
Manville Flooding:  "Army Corps to town: You're on your own"
Newark:  "New life eyed for long-vacant Pabst brewery"
North Plainfield:  "West End School principal Beth Sobel dies"
Perth Amboy:  "School elections back to November, judge rules"
Trenton:  "City launches summer jobs program for 100 youths"

2016 Candidates --
Gov. Christie --
Environment:  "Lesniak, climate groups want to know if Exxon lied"
Horizon Tiered Plan:  "Medical Society of NJ joins opposition to plan"
NJ Employment:  "NJ lost thousands of jobs in February"
North Carolina:  "NC gay bias law draws sharp backlash"

Peeps:  "Peeps milkshake at Black Rebel Burger for Easter -- No Peeps are harmed.


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[NOEL at PALS]  lNorth Plainfield girls fall to Westfield in tournament. (3/15/16)