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Monday, April 25, 2016

Bernice: Mission in the Plaza and other downtown sights.. Councilor Williams on Ecuador relief event at City Hall..

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Internet Exchange Zone:  "Linden establishes safe zone to complete internet transactions" -- A good idea for Plainfield?
NJ Transit:  "Riders' 7 biggest gripes about NJT"

Asbury Park:  "Nearly 1K walk the boardwalk to fight against premature birth"
Business:  "How a small NJ company helped put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill"
Hospitals:  "One third of NJ hospitals fare worse in latest national report"
Incarceration:  "65,000 NJ children have grown up with a parent in prison"
Landline Phones:  "States move toward making endangered land lines extinct"
Lawyering:  "US Attorney Fishman: You gotta see 'My Cousin Vinny'"
Mobile Churches:  "Space for rent turned into churches"
Newark:  "Man attacks priest in church"
Perth Amboy:  "City launches Community Connection program"
Pets:  "NJ pets in need, April 25"
Raritan Valley Community College:  "RVCC one of 5 'greenest' schools in NJ"
Real Estate:  "Hispanics are driving the housing market"
Reeves Reed Arboretum:  "Flowers and trees bloom at Daffodil Day"

2016 Candidates --
2017 Guv Race --
CWA:  "What labor leader says about Verizon strike, NJ pensions"
Family Court:  "Group claims NJ Family Court system is corrupt"
PARCC Tests:  "Administration poring over PARCC contract to assess damages"

Media:  "Gannett offers $815M to buy Tribune Publishing" -- When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.


[BERNICE]  Mission in the Plaza and other downtown sights.

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[Councilor STORCH]  in support of Anderson-Hurtt-Pile for school board. (4/20/16)

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  on Ecuador relief event at City Hall. (4/24/16)

[DAVID]  supports Wilma Campbell. (4/17/16)

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[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Prince: Genius of Realness. (4/22/2016)

[NOEL at PALS]  YES basketball tournament, 6th-8th Grade Division. (3/26/16)