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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bernice: School Board changes post-election agenda.. Olddoc and Dawg offer a short potpourri..

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Streets:  "Three Front Street intersections to receive upgrades"

Elizabeth:  "Airport users get another break as Council tables Uber plan"
Foraging:  "This Jersey guy makes a serious living picking weeds for you to eat" -- Plus 10 common edible wild plants.
Heroin:  "Pallone visits Metuchen to discuss heroin epidemic"
Jersey City:  "JC proposes minimum 30-hour work week for some private workers"
Liberty State Park:  "Bid for commercial buoy near LSP being withdrawn"
Mercer County --
Newark --
Pingry School:  "'Ted's kids' detail years of alleged abuse by teacher"
Trader Joe's:  "Fans use Bacebook to plead for more Trader Joe's stores"

2016 Candidates --
Bridgegate --
Atlantic City:  "Should mayor and other top officials take a pay cut?"
Faked Drug Lab Tests:  "Special judge to review drug cases after lab tech accused of faking results"
Government Employees & Free Speech:  "SCOTUS ruling may cost Paterson $2M" -- NJSpot | Record |
Legislature:  "Dem leaders hope to craft veto-proof 'tax-fairness' plan"
Politics:  "NJ Dem leaders discussed ouster of Speaker Prieto"
Prescription Drug Abuse:  "Christie: We're monitoring to prevent 'doctor shopping'"

Obituaries --


[BERNICE]  School Board changes post-election agenda.

[OLDDOC]  Hw and Dawg offer a short potpourri. (4/26/16)

[Mayor MAPP] Mayor Mapp squelches misleading Board of Ed election rumors. (4/11/16)

[Councilor STORCH]  in support of Anderson-Hurtt-Pile for school board. (4/20/16)

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  on Ecuador relief event at City Hall. (4/24/16)

[DAVID]  supports Wilma Campbell. (4/17/16)

[JACKIE]  week in review has a flowering tree puzzler. (4/24/16)

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Prince: Genius of Realness. (4/22/2016)

[NOEL at PALS]  YES basketball tournament, 6th-8th Grade Division. (3/26/16)