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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bernice: Home Sweet Homes tour.. Olddoc on his heart valve replacement, and Sean Spicer's whereabouts.. Look for Jackie's week in review.. Anonymous Gadfly: Nothing to say..

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2014 Homicide:  "Plainfield man convicted of Evona Avenue murder" -- Ledger | Courier |
Candidate Forum:  "League of Women Voters sets candidate forum for May 31"
Dairy Queen:  "Plainfield DQ invites community to a celebration"
Girls Softball:  "Rahway at Plainfield"
Historic Photo:  "Future Olympian lends mom a hand"
Jail Death:  "Man who died in police custody at Plainfield jail last month ID'ed"
Patient Neglect:  "Plainfield home health aide indicted for neglect of duty in Denville woman's fall"
Truck Recall:  "1 million Dodge Ram pickups recalled over potentially fatal software glitch"
Obituary:  "Rev. Roland Freeman Cooper Jr., worked for Plainfield Board of Ed"

Baby Names:  "Most popular baby names in 2016, and this name took a sharp tumble"
Flemington:  "Union Hotel, site of Lindbergh kidnapping trail, will not be demolished"
High School Drinking:  "CDC: Fewer HS students drinking, but there's an alarming catch"
Hightstown:  "Fired cop must be reinstated, Judge rules"
Hillside:  "Ground beef recalled from Route 22 store"
School Bullying:  "Footage shows incident with 8-year-old two days before his suicide"
Millennials:  "NJ Suburbs: Endangered because of millennials?"
Mental Health Services:  "Christie budget cuts heart out of community mental health services" --OpEd, Ledger.
NJ Flora:  "The rare wildflower that blooms only in northern NJ" -- Nowhere else on earth.
Pets --
Police Salaries:  "25 towns with highest police salaries in NJ"
Reservoirs:  "Rain has helped but Round Valley is one of two still struggling"
School Funding:  "Funding reform must include pre-K expansion" -- OpEd, Ledger.
Tracy Morgan:  "Report: Morgan forgives trucker who almost killed him in crash"
Valor Awards:  "10 Union County officers, firefighters honored with Valor Awards"

Trump World --
2017 Guv Race --
  • "Green groups stand by Murphy amid Wisniewski attacks" -- PoliticoNJ | NJSpot |
Cyberattack:  "Massive, fast-moving cyberattack hits as many as 74 countries" -- Politico | USAToday | NYTimes | Bloomberg |
NJ Pensions:  "Christie administration details plan to use lottery to shore up pensions"
Penn Station (NY):  "NJ legislators shocked by condition during Penn Station tour"


[BERNICE]   Home Sweet Homes tour.

[OLDDOC]   Olddoc on his heart valve replacement, and Sean Spicer's whereabouts.  (5/12/17)

[Mayor MAPP]  9th Annual MLK Potluck and Food Drive.

[Councilor STORCH]  Stigma-Free Zone launches April 8 at City Hall. (04/06//17)

[Council President WILLIAMS]  Spring Recreation and other events -- for the adults... (5/08/17)

[DAVID]  Photos of Queen City Baseball League's opening day. (04/10/17)

[JACKIE]  Survivor: Game changer, May 10 blog party..  (5/10/17)

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Remembering Jo-Jo, Jo-Ann Sloane. (5/07/17)

[NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]   Bridgewater-Raritan ends Plainfield season on a losing note. (3/26/17).

[Anonymous Gadfly]    Nothing to say  (5/13/17)

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