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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Olddoc offers a 'gripe potpourri' about dealing with FIOS, Verizon customer service, Epson, and the NJ DCA, with a clincher in a Chinese toothpaste applicator.. Look for Jackie's week in review..

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PHS Boys Varsity Baseball:  "Cardinals team honored for first ever division title"-- Scroll down.
Kean U.:  "Plainfielder Julio Olive, senior class president, speaks at Kean commencement"
PAHS: "Lovable stray needs a new home"
Union County Track & Field --
Watchung Reservation:  "Plan for mountain bike trail ditched after nasty year-long battle"
Food Recall:  "Nathan's hot dogs recalled for containing bits of metal"
Product Recall:  "Child backpack carriers recalled due to fall risk"

Craft Beers:  "25 NJ Craft Beers for Craft Beer Week"
Dunellen:  "Two Dunellen girls among injured in Times Square incident" -- Ledger | Courier |
Jersey City:  "Green card 'guaranteed' for Journal Square investment" -- Ledger | NYTimes |
Language:  "Where do NJ's different accents come from?"
Meadowlands:  "Badly needed American Dream funding arrives"
NAACP: "Energized by liberal activists, NAACP dismisses its president"
Newark:  "Ex-aide: Councilman fired me after I refused to make $10K donation"
Police Salaries:  "The town with the highest paid cops in each county"

Trump World --
Sen. Booker:  "Booker: Lieberman as head of FBI would be 'a big mistake'"
Rep.Frelinghuysen: "Dem challenger joins activists at Frelinghuysen protest"


[BERNICE]   New ABC board organizes on May 31; Three weeks to Primary, please curb insults.

[OLDDOC]   Olddoc offers a potpourri, including an amazing 1859 photo of a Front Street parade.  (5/15/17)

[Mayor MAPP]  9th Annual MLK Potluck and Food Drive.

[Councilor STORCH]  Stigma-Free Zone launches April 8 at City Hall. (04/06//17)

[Council President WILLIAMS]  Steve Hockaday, moving Plainfield forward. (5/18/17)

[DAVID]  Photos of Queen City Baseball League's opening day. (04/10/17)

[JACKIE]  Jackie: The Amazing Race, May 19 blog party.  (5/18/17)

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Plainfield Rescue Squad Open House this Saturday, May 20. (5/16/17)

[NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]   Bridgewater-Raritan ends Plainfield season on a losing note. (3/26/17).

[Anonymous Gadfly]   Haste makes waste.  (5/16/17)

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