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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mapp willing to seek higher office.. Mapp will submit 3 names for Council on June 12.. Plainfield Rescue Squad open house Sunday.. One more legal hurdle for Muhlenberg project..

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Mayor Mapp:  "Mapp willing to seek higher office"
Council Vacancy:  "Mapp will present three names to City Committee for vacancy" -- PDCC meeting set for June 12.
Freeholder Williams:  "Plainfield's Rebecca Williams named to Freeholder board" -- UCNJ | Courier | NJGlobe |
Muhlenberg Property:  "Hospital redevelopment faces one final legal obstacle"
Plainfield Rescue Squad:  "Rescue squad holding open house on Sunday"
Urban Enterprise Zone:  "Murphy agrees to reduce sales taxes in 5 town" -- Plainfield included.
Week in Review:  "Plainfield week in review"

Collectibles:  "The Hess truck is back with its 2018 mini collection"
Dunellen:  Former recreation director gets 52 years in sex abuse case" -- Courier | Ledger |
Edison:  "5 cops charged with misconduct and theft" -- it's the old off-duty jobs scam again.
Horizon Blue Cross:  "Medical Society: What is Horizon hiding from its customers?"
Linden:  "Off the line, Mayor Armstead battles for renomination"
North Plainfield:  "Cops look for thief who burglarized car, pooped in driveway"
Piscataway:  "Town's gun-sale restriction plan draws fire from the NRA"
Roselle:  "Two state agencies investigating goings-on at Roselle school district"
School Security:  "An inside look at how authorities train for school shootings"
Trenton:  "'Trenton Makes' bridge shines like never before" -- Video.

2018 Elections:  "Menendez predicts a wave year"
2020 Presidential Race:  "NJ Dem chair Currie all in for Booker in 2020"
NJ Budget:  "Murphy prepares for shutdown after budget talks end in drama"  -- PoliticoNJ | Ledger |
Out-of-Network Bills:  "NJ just took big step to stop surprise medical bills"

Trump World --


[ OLDDOC]  Olddoc on Assemblywoman Carter, Freeholder Williams and the YMCA.  (5/31/18)

[Mayor MAPP]  Mayor Adrian Mapp's 10th Annual Community Barbecue August 19. (07/28/17)

[Councilor STORCH]  Storch endorses Linda Carter for LD22 Assembly seat. (05/09/18)

[Councilor WILLIAMS]   Councilor Williams: on Joylette Mills-Ransome for Council.. (5/17/18)

[JACKIE]  Survivor: Ghost Pool seaon finale and reunion blog party. (5/23/2018)

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Notes Hannah Atkins Pool opens this weekend. (5/21/18)

[NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]  Banner Boys takes the Friday Night Basketball League banner. (04/05/18).

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