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Monday, June 4, 2018

Plainfield man busted for $16K in child support.. Scenes from Rescue Squad open house.. Scenes from Saturday concert at Cedar Brook Park..

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Mayor Mapp:  "Mapp willing to seek higher office"
Council Vacancy:  "Mapp will present three names to City Committee for vacancy" -- PDCC meeting set for June 12.
Child Support:  "Plainfield man arrested in Watchung for $16K in child support"
Concert:  "Scenes from the Rhythm and Blues By The Brook concert"
Plainfield Rescue Squad:  "Scenes from Sunday Open House"

D-Day:   "DiIonno: Remembering D-Day" -- June 6 marks the anniversary of the invasion of Europe that ended WWII.
Guns:  "Bonnie Watson Coleman:  What NJ is doing on guns and 5 more things we can do"
Immigration:  "When kids cross the US border alone, thousands end up in these 10 NJ counties"
Linden:  "Councilman wants to fire Scutari"
Marijuana:  "Ex-NBA player says leglaizing weed in NJ would 'right some wrongs'"
Newark:  "A look at the hydroponic farming of AeroFams in Newark"
Policing:  "How a hacker proved cops used secret government phone tracker to find him" -- May changes how cops surveil.
Retail:  "Corporate raiders ruined lives as they destroyed Toys R Us, politicians say"
South Plainfield/Edison:  "Dismal Swamp project getrs $200K in funding"

2018 Senate Race:  "Menendez: Hugin's money could make a dent"
NJ Politics:  "Moran: Sweeney v. Murphy, the duel is arranged"

Trump World --


[ OLDDOC]  Olddoc on Assemblywoman Carter, Freeholder Williams and the YMCA.  (5/31/18)

[Mayor MAPP]  Mayor Adrian Mapp's 10th Annual Community Barbecue August 19. (07/28/17)

[Councilor STORCH]  Storch endorses Linda Carter for LD22 Assembly seat. (05/09/18)

[Councilor WILLIAMS]   Councilor Williams: on Joylette Mills-Ransome for Council.. (5/17/18)

[JACKIE]  Survivor: Ghost Pool seaon finale and reunion blog party. (5/23/2018)

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Notes Hannah Atkins Pool opens this weekend. (5/21/18)

[NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]  Banner Boys takes the Friday Night Basketball League banner. (04/05/18).

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