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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fire Chief Frank Tidwell demoted and suspended.. Plainfield dirt bike rider dies after hitting telephone pole.. Noel at HS Sports: Week 6 Mid-State 38 Top Ten..

CLIPS is your daily roundup of links to blog posts and news about Plainfield or affecting Plainfielders. Begun in 2003 as an email newsletter to Plainfield city council members when I was Plainfield's public information officer, it was later offered to the general public by email and has been available as a blog since 2007. If you have questions, suggestions or tips, email me at plaindan@gmail.com.

  • Fire Chief Frank Tidwell has been demoted and suspended, according to the Courier. Read the story here. The city's press release is on its Facebook page here. TAPinto reports an Acting Fire Chief is appointed. Read the story here.
  • The Plainfield teachers union (PEA) hosts a meet-and-greet for the Board of Ed candidates it endorsed at Giovanna's Wednesday, 4-6 PM. Read the story here.
  • Scenes from the 8th Annual Plainfield Historic Queen City 5K Walk/Run. Read the story here. NJ got a one-year extension to line its drivers licenses up with the RealID standards, so your DL is still valid as ID at the airport -- important for those who travel a lot. Read the story here.
  • Voter registration deadline is Tuesday. How to register and check your polling place online (Plainfield City Clerk's office will be open 6 AM - 9:30 PM Tuesday). Read the story here.
  • Marijuana talk is coming to Plainfield, with a Town Hall by Mayor Mapp at Washington School Wednesday evening. Read the story here. Businessweek advises the real money is not with stoners. Read the story here.
  • Plainfield resident dies in a dirt bike accident on Stelle Avenue. The Darwin Awards come to Plainfield. Read the story -- TAPinto - Courier.
  • Union County will switch to a paper-trail voting system, the Freeholders revealed at their meeting in Plainfield Thursday. Read the story here.
  • Daylight Savings comes to an end soon. Read the story here.
  • Freedom of speech now an issue at Rutgers, as a student tries to prevent a Middle East expert from speaking; the university stood firm and the event is on. Read the story here.
  • North Plainfield and Somerset County are buying the Villa Maria property for open space. Read the story here.
  • South Plainfield names grad and longtime assistant new head wrestling coach. Read the story here.
  • Dildogate update: Mountainside says suit should be tossed because dildo was used to harass women as well as men. Read the story here.
  • At $100K per year, NJ Transit still has troubling finding engineers. Why? Read the story here.
  • Newark becomes Gotham for new Joker film, see photos of the transformation. Read the story here.
  • mmm. Read the story here.
  • Sears is on the verge of bankruptcy, and may be the biggest pension failure ever. Read the story here.
  • Pumpkin carving gets it due with a gallery of photos. Read the story here.
  • Facebook updated the public on the recent hack, saying 29M accounts were compromised. Read the story here.
  • Sports betting turns out to be a big win for NJ. Read the story here.
  • Enjoy hiking? Here are fifteen NJ trails to hike. Read the story here.

  • Is Cory Booker running for president? the 538 website has a checklist of criteria for deciding, plus a list of possible candidates and their scores. Read the story here. What do Iowa Dems think of Booker? Read the story here.
  • Regarding Bob Menendez, the Inquirer sums it up this way: A dilemma for NJ Dems, an unpopular senator or Trump's GOP. Read the story here. Meanwhile, NJ's top progressive Dem group, Blue Wave NJ, endorses Menendez. Read the story here.
  • Some advice to Gov. Phil Murphy on managing bad news, from Henry Kissinger by way of Carl Golden. Read the story here. Meanwhile, Sen. Sweeney punts on investigating Murphy admin's hiring practices. Read the story here. And the GOP sics a woman on Murphy over the Alvarez harassment allegations. Read the story here.
  • The $15 minimum wage is stymied in the Legislature, but a new clergy group is urging it adoption. Read the story here.
  • New stats show how many unauthorized immigrants applied for NJ college aid. Read the story here.

  • [ OLDDOC]  Olddoc comments on the Council meeting, has questions about South Avenue redevelopment plan. (10/10/18)
  • [Mayor MAPP]  Mayor Mapp advises he has discontinued his blog.
  • [Councilor STORCH]  Storch on the proposed administrative reorganization. (09/10/18)
  • [Freeholder WILLIAMS]  'Paint by the Pond' event Saturday. (10/05/18)
  • [SEAN McKENNA]  Sean on street lights out and City's poor repair record compared to PSE&G. (9/18/18)
  • [JACKIE]  Survivor: David v. Goliath blog party. (10/10/18)
  • [REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]   'The Colored Museum' hits the stage this weekend in Plainfield. (8/17/18)
  • [NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]  Week 6 Mid-State 38 Top Ten. (10/11/18)
  • [DAN at Laona Boy] Dan remembers his childhood church, 1948-61. (08/17/18)
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