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Monday, October 8, 2018

Tepper's basement to be sold.. Union County College's Silver Anniversary.. Olddoc suspects the Mapp administration's development rush is causing timing issues..

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Boys Soccer:  "Plainfield defeats Brearley"
Tepper's Building:  "Plainfield's 'Vanilla Box' to be sold"
Union County College:   "Plainfield campus celebrates Silver Anniversary"
Obituary:  "Joseph V. Tufaro, former Plainfield and North Plainfield police officer"

Hispanic Parade:  "NJ's 43rd annual Hispanic Parade draws thousands"
History:  "NJ's presidential candidates"
Scotch Plains-Fanwood HS:   "High school targeted with racist, anti-Semitic graffiti"
South Plainfield:   "Green Team announces Sustainable Community contests"

2018 Senate Race:  "Menendez leads Hugin by 10 points in latest poll"  -- NJGlobe |
Sen. Booker:   "Cory Booker roars into Iowa"  -- Politico | NJGlobe | Ledger |
Justice Kavanaugh:  "Kavanaugh's first vote could be in Trump executive power dispute" -- Census question.
Transgender Students:  "State: Schools can keep transgender kids secret from parents"

Trump World --

  • [ OLDDOC]  Olddoc suspects the Mapp administration's development rush is causing timing issues. (10/07/18)
  • [Mayor MAPP]  Mayor Mapp advises he has discontinued his blog.
  • [Councilor STORCH]  Storch on the proposed administrative reorganization. (09/10/18)
  • [Freeholder WILLIAMS]  'Paint by the Pond' event Saturday. (10/05/18)
  • [SEAN McKENNA]  Sean on street lights out and City's poor repair record compared to PSE&G. (9/18/18)
  • [JACKIE]  Survivor: David v. Goliath blog party. (10/03/18)
  • [REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]   'The Colored Museum' hits the stage this weekend in Plainfield. (8/17/18)
  • [NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]  Mid-State 38 Top 10, Week 5. (10/04/18)
  • [DAN at Laona Boy] Dan remembers his childhood church, 1948-61. (08/17/18)
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