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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

City of Plainfield reorganizes on January 7.. Former Whitman, Bush adviser predicts Trump will be gone in 2019..

  • City Council:  "City of Plainfield reorganizes on January 7". Read more here.
  • JFK:  JFK Health Center awarded $10K grant. Read more here. -- Grant by Investors Bank.
  • Library:  Programs for youth at the Library in January. Read more here.
  • TAPinto: Happy New Year from TAPinto Plainfield. Read more here.


  • Lambertville:  Julia Fahl is Lambertville's new mayor. Read more here.
  • Media:  The Record's Herb Jackson joins Congressional Quarterly. Read more here. -- Gannett headed toward flatlining?

  • Gov. Murphy: Murphy will swear in three Dem mayors Wednesday. Read more here.
  • Minimum Wage: Minimum went up New Year's Day. Murphy says it's not enought. Read more here.


  • Trump Fate: Former Whitman, Bush adviser predicts Trump will be gone in 2019. Read more here.

  • [OLDDOC]  Olddoc posts some toons and notes the 'Oh Hellers' have descend in force; he will be busy for several days. (12/24/18)
  • [Mayor MAPP]  Mayor Mapp advises he has discontinued his blog.
  • [Councilor STORCH]  Councilor Storch votes 'no' on the South Avenue East plan. (12/11/18)
  • [Freeholder WILLIAMS]  Freeholder Williams wishes Happy Holidays to all. (12/27/18)
  • [SEAN McKENNA]  My vote is for Ron Johnson on Nov. 6. (11/06/18)
  • [JACKIE]  Survivor: David v. Goliath season finale blog party. (12/19/18)
  • [REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  Rebecca wishes Happy Holidays to all. (12/27/18)
  • [NOEL at Jersey HS Sports]  Plainfield holds off Scotch Plains-Fanwood in defensive battle. (12/22/18)
  • [CARL at Plainfield Wildlife] Carl Monopoli catches a Screech Owl fishing (night camera) here. (12/30/18)
  • [DAN at Laona Boy] Dan recalls boyhood Halloweens of the 1950s. (10/30/18)
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