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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

NJ ice skating coach accused of sexual contact with child.. Man tries to lure 11-year-old girl into SUV.. McGreevey fired in Jersey City.. Wyat president of Plainfield BOE again.. Social Security scam alert issued for fraudster spoofing 800 number..

  • Board of Ed:  Wyatt president again as BOE reorganizes. Read more here.
  • City Council: Plainfield reorganizes. Read more here.
  • City of Plainfield: Plainfield celebrates milestone birthdays. Read more here.
  • De Leeuw Scholarships:  Plainfield students can apply for Adele DeLeeuw scholarships. Read more here. McGreevey --
  • Union County:  Freeholders introduce initiatives for 2019. Read more here.
  • Obituary: Malcolm Dunn. Read more here. -- Visitation Friday at PHS, funeral Saturday at Fountain.


  • 911 Fees:  Small fee on your phone bill siphoned off by state. Read more here.
  • Belleville:  Town settles with former court administrator for $235K over hostile workplace suit. Read more here.
  • Drivers Licenses:  Dems support licenses for undocumenteds, yet some feel drive is stalled. Read more here.
  • LGBT Wedding Expos: Couples find friendly businesses at this expo. Read more here.
  • Luring: Man tries to lure 11-year-old girl into SUV. Read more here.
  • Marijuana: NJ gets ready for legal weed; No stoner ads. Read more here.
  • Morris Twp.: Dems take mayor's office, council majority. -- DailyRecord | InsiderNJ | -- Red Morris County is turning purple.
  • Opioids:  Worrying rise in poisonings related to OTC diarrhea medication. Read more here. -- Used to stave off withdrawal symptoms.
  • Pets:  NJ pets in need, Jan. 7. Read more here.
  • Racial Slur:  Meteorologist fired after using racial slur in broadcast. Read more here.
  • Scam: Social Security scam alert issued for fraudster spoofing 800 number. Read more here.
  • Sexual Contact:  NJ ice skating coach accused of sexual contact with child. Read more here.
  • Theater:  The Brownsville Project: Race, class, gender and family pride. Read more here.
  • Obituary: Herb Kelleher, NJ-born colorful co-founder of Southwest Airlines. Read more here.


  • Alvarez Rape Allegation: Brennan files suit against state, Murphy campaign, Alvarez. -- InsiderNJ | NJGlobe | Ledger |
  • Congress --
    • As climate changes rises to top of agenda, Pallone gets a front seat. Read more here.
    • Pallone: Watson Coleman may get a new committee assignment. Read more here.
  • Economic Development Authority: Kopicki resigns over retaliation. -- Ledger | NJGlobe |
  • Gateway Tunnel:  Tunnel is huge for NJ; Dems in Congress are making it a big issue. Read more here.
  • Government Shutdown:  Federal shutdown already hurting NJ. Read more here.
  • New Direction NJ --
  • NJ Dem Chair: Latest signs of division in the state Democratic party. Read more here.
  • NJ Politics: The four fronts of NJ politics in 2019. Read more here.
  • SCOTUS:  Justice Ginsburg misses arguments for first time. Read more here.

  • 2020:  Trump campaign moves to stave off mayhem at 2020 convention. Read more here.
  • Investigations: House Dems prepare fusillade of Trump investigations. Read more here.
  • Shutdown:  House GOP leaders fear support is eroding for shutdown fight. Read more here.

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