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Monday, September 22, 2014

Olddoc dreams of full disclosure in Oz.. Bernice invites us to celebrate autumn.. Councilor Williams posts Family Fun Day pix.. David posts Fun Day and PABA pix.. Noel covers Linden v. Plainfield.. Jackie: BB16 live feeds overnight..


HomeFirst:  "Jennie Crespo draws on personal experience to empower homeless families"
Resignation:  "Green resigns"
Dining:  "Jade Isle posts 'closed' sign" -- A landmark since 1971.
Gov. McGreevey:  "Former governor McGreevey speaks about recovery"

Camden:  "Expanded Urban Hope Act to come before legislature today"
Perth Amboy:  "Diaz faces an ally turned foe"

Gov. Christie:  "Six US Senate races Christie really wants GOP to win"
Energy:  "Rockefellers, oil fortune heirs, to divest charity from fossil fuels"
Environment:  "At estimated 400,000, Global Warming March sets record"
Hudson Tunnel:  "Signs of life stir for rail tunnel under Hudson" -- Despite Christie.
Joblessness:  "RU report details devastating impact of long-term unemployment"
Judiciary:  "Assembly panel to consider raising judges' retirement age to 75"
Obama Lawsuit:  "House GOP replaces law firm in Obama suit"
Politics:  "In heated midterm contests, GOP candidates move to the middle" -- Borrowing Dem themes.
Shofars:  "1.043 unison shofars break record in Whippany"
VIP Syndrome:  "The famous can present a minefield to doctors" -- Joan Rivers, and others.


[BERNICE] invites us to celebrate autumn.

[OLDDOC] dreams of full disclosure in Oz.

[Councilor WILLIAMS] posts Family Fun Day pix.

[DAVID] posts Fun Day and PABA pix.

[JACKIE] BB16 live feeds overnight.

[NOEL at PALS] covers Linden v. Plainfield.