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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Olddoc on the High Holy Days.. Bernice on red and white and fried chicken.. Jackie: BB16 live feeds overnight.. Rebecca welcomes Fall with a Van Vechten photo..


Teacher Contract:  "Plainfield teachers without contract for more than two years" -- Ledger | NJInsideOut |
Fights:  "Two Plainfield men arrested in large fight at Avalon Watchung clubhouse"
Suicide:  "Plainfield man's body found under Victory Bridge" -- Courier | Ledger |

Asbury Park:  "New restaurants, businesses moving into downtown"
Bridgewater:  "Mosque hearing delayed until October" -- Application has been pending for three years.
Jersey City:  "Fulop gives Port Authority an 'F' in PATH shutdown"
Middlesex County:  "County utilities authority comptroller charged with stealing $65K"
Union County:  "Three county judges appointed, filling half of vacancies"

Gov.Christie:  "Christie acknowledges how much weight he's lost"
Boarding Homes:  "Boarding homes inspections would be posted online under bill"
Body Cams:  "This arrest is being recorded"
Citizen Engagement:  "Three steps government can take to engage citizens"
Elections:  "Assemblyman wants to abolish ELEC, end campaign restrictions"
Gas Tax:  "Fox, Christie's NJDOT pick, won't rule out gas tax increase"
Marital Privilege:  "Bill would allow wiretapped conversations between spouses as evidence"
Schools:  "Senate agrees with Christie expansion of 'renaissance schools'" -- Privately run tax-funded schools.
Text Ads:  "Annoying text message ads would be banned in NJ under proposed bill"
Vintage Aircraft:  "B-17 bomber 'Aluminum Overcast' returns to Mercer for tours, flights"


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