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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Olddoc puts Jerry Green under the scalpel.. Bernice notes heat season starts Oct. 1.. Councilor Williams on Family Fun Day.. David on the patronage mill.. Jackie: BB16 live feeds overnight..


Wardlaw-Hartridge:  "Homegrown, healthy eats at W-H"

Elizabeth:  "Bollwege says state won't ban fracking, so towns, counties should"
Filming Ordinance:  "Garfield adopts filming ordinance"
Utililty Authority:  "County exec tells commissioners to repay stipends, health benefits"
HS Football Racism:  "Another mostly Black team saw bananas at Summit HS"
Hoboken:  "Former mayor, caught in corruption sting, disbarred"
Newark --
South Plainfield:  "Council candidate yelled N-word at Sherban's customers" -- Courier | Ledger |

Highways:  "Study ranks NJ roads high in cost, near bottom in condition"
Legislature:  "Bipartisan package of bills to fight drug 'epidemic' announced"
NJ Pension Funds:  "Christie, unions battling over hedge fund fees, pay-to-play"
NJ Tax Receipts:  "Facing budget shortfall, Christie plays Corzine amnesty card"
Open Space:  "Advocates urge 'yes' vote on constitutional amendment" -- Ledger | NJSpot |
Poverty:  "NJ one of three states with increase in poverty last year" -- Ledger | NJSpot |
Privacy:  "Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones, IPads for police, even with search warrants"
Sewerage Systems:  "State wants sewer plants to plan for 500-year storm, more"
Transportation  "Coalition pushed to replenish Transportation Trust Fund"


[BERNICE] notes heat season starts Oct. 1.

[OLDDOC] puts Jerry Green under the scalpel.

[Councilor WILLIAMS] on Family Fun Day.

[DAVID] on the patronage mill.

[JACKIE] BB16 live feeds overnight.