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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Olddoc: A defeat for Green not necessarily a mandate for Mapp.. Bernice offers commentary on 'Independents' for Council.. Jackie offers 20 things we can expect on Big Brother 17..

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Primary Outcomes --
Anti-Violence March:  "Walk will cross seven towns as marchers seek solutions"
Edison:  "Man gets prison in scheme to aid illegal Indian immigration"
Asm Jamel Holley:  "Assemblyman reported income from six sources in 2014"
Hospitals:  "Larger hospital systems loom in NJ, report forecasts"
Hudson County:  "GOP pol miffed at Dem presumption winning primary is equal to being elected"
Newark --
Public Records:  "Social media and transparency in the digital age"

Christie for President --
Christie Security:  "Troopers' $1M AmEx bill should be state secret, Christie says"
Alcoholic Beverges:  "State could soon whack bars for subbing out expensive liquors"
Cuba --
Corporate Taxes:  "'Combined reporting' could put $500M more in state coffers yearly"
ELEC:  "ELEC charges Buono with campaign finance violation" -- NJSpot | Ledger |
Gambling:  "Meadowlands casino could open in 2016, developer says"
Gay Conversion Trial:  "Gay man says therapist blamed his mom for his sexuality" -- Who ever heard of such a thing?!
Inequality:  "Poll finds Americans, across party lines, are troubled by inequality"
Iraq:  "Gen. Petraeus says US 'probably' losing in Iraq"
Ledger:   "Court rules NJ.com can't be forced to disclose commenter's ID in defamation suit"
NJ Investments:  "Hearing on public sector investment fees, bonuses"
Parkway/Turnpike:  "Changes coming to signs that say your toll is paid"
Rent:  "Rent spiraling out of control, thanks to Christie neglect" -- Editorial, Ledger.
State Farm Grant Contest:  "Facebook voting for 8 NJ groups in grant contest ends Wednesday"
Voter Restrictions:  "Democrats wage nationwide fight against voter restrictions"


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