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Friday, June 12, 2015

Olddoc has two posts on the Council meeting(s).. Bernice recalls past National Night Out posts, repeats call for civility.. Councilor Storch: Is Council cooperating with Mapp administration? Yes and no.. Jackie offers a timeline for Big Brother 17 stuff..

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Asm Jerry Green:  "Green elected chair of Union County Dems" -- The Ledger reports; their reporters were swilling beer in a Union tavern that night.
Prom Pix:  "Plainfield High, Barack Obama prom pictures"
Union County College:  "Westfield couple gives $500K, largest donation ever"
Temple Sholom:  "former Plainfield temple, now in Scotch Plains, receives ABLE award"
NJ Transit:  "Proposed fare hike will not be reduced"

Atlantic City:  "Five bills aimed to boost city clear Assembly"
Jersey City:  "Youth entrepreneurship program to launch"
Newark:  "Three potential landing spots for a Newark casino"
Somerville:  "Racism scandal continues with 5th worker filing suit"
Trenton --

Christie for President --
Bridgegate --
  • "Lawyers oppose feds 'secret' documents request" -- Record | Ledger |
Assembly Races:  "Assembly Republicans say Dems to blame for state of economy" -- PolNJ | Ledger |
Corporate Tax Breaks:  "Lesniak backs off support of tax break moratorium, reforms"
Demographics:  "Report says Census undercounts nixed race individuals"
Drugs:  "Synthetic pot use up 200%, sending many to ERs"
Higher Education:  "NJ last in federal higher ed funding per student, report says"
Immigration Detention Centers:  "Catholic bishops call centers 'a stain' on US administration"
NJ Pensions --

Obituaries --


[BERNICE] Bernice recalls past National Night Out posts, repeats call for civility.

[OLDDOC]  Two posts on the Council meeting(s).

[Mayor MAPP]  says Thank You, Plainfield.

[Councilor STORCH]  Is Council cooperating with Mapp administration? Yes and no.

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  says the people of Plainfield run Plainfield.

[DAVID] offers Plainfield primary election maps.

[JACKIE] offers a timeline for Big Brother 17 stuff.

[JACKIE'S PHOTO BLOG] catches an empty train.

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  posts a pic of Column A at 8:01 PM.

[NOEL at PALS]  concludes with the 1st Team All-Efficiency for 2014-15.

[PLAINFIELD LATINO]  notes resident receives Latina Leadership Scholarship from Sen. Menendez.

[DOTTIE G SEZ]  Vietnamese restaurant in South Plainfield to close -- the same family who ran La Viet on Front Street.