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Friday, June 5, 2015

Olddoc offers thoughts on the Primary.. Bernice notes PMUA appointment fails for lack of quorum..

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Plainfield Police:  "Appeals court harshly criticizes illegal search of apartment"
Rotary Track & Field Meet:  "Records broken at 88th Annual Plainfield meet" -- Courier | TAP |
Cable TV:  "Comcast, Time Warner lowest is customer satisfaction; FiOS highest"

Bloomfield:  "Town still has not paid $215K in lawyers fees in cops suit over military duty"
Elizabeth:  "Four indicted in MS-13 gang initiation killing"
Maplewood:  "Two guns incidents in two days in schools" -- Maplewood?! Oh, my!
Newark:  "'Renaissance' or 'gentrification'? Panel takes up topic"
Rutgers:  "RU admin staff nets average 8.25% raises"
Trenton:  "Emergency radio system still on the fritz"
Watchung:  "Former boro tax collector accused o stealing $35K"
Westfield:  "Resident gets 1 year prison term for mortgage fraud"

Christie for President --
Hillary --
Bonnie Watson-Coleman --
Exxon Deal:  "Environmentalists protest settlement with Exxon" -- Ledger | PolNJ |
Gambling:  "Meeting of Dem leaders on North Jersey casinos devolves into shouting match"
Hacker Attack:  "China hacked federal agency computers, compromised 4 million employee records"
NJ Fatal Police Shootings:  "Six people dies in encounters with police this year"
NJ Investments:  "Pension investement fees, returns under fire at hearing" -- NJSpot | Ledger |
Veterans:  "NJ senators try to save vets suicide hotline funding"


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