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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bernice and Olddoc on the Plainfield political season and possible possibilities.. Maria posts BOE exec session minutes, wonders which model District is most like.. Renata notes upcoming motivational presentation by Dr. Pdero Noguera..

>> Plainfielder and former Governor Jim McGreevey will be on WNYC (93.9 FM) at 10 AM this morning.

Arts:  "Plainfield playwright Ben Marshall wins a top award from NJ Council on the Arts"
PHS Boys Basketball:  "St. Pat's at Plainfield" -- Ledger | Courier |

Hospitals:  "Moody's predicts more NJ hospital mergers" -- So Muhlenberg was the canary in the mineshaft?
Newark --

Prudential:  "Pru settles with regulators over death benefits practices"
Rahway:  "Capodagli proposes 120-unit Meridia Chateau project" -- Hmmm. Does that rendering look like the abandoned Plainfield project?
Union County Alliance:  "Recently departed UCA chief shows up on Kean payroll" -- From CountyWatchers.

Charter Schools --

Gay Marriage:  "Assembly panel advances bill" -- Ledger | Gannett |
Government Transparency:  "Sen. Weinberg reintroduces transparency bills"
Port Authority:  "Lawmakers approve bills for more oversight" -- Ledger | Gannett |

Politifax Truth-o-Meter: True, False, or other...? (The national factfinding service is now in the Ledger)
2012 Presidential Race --
Black History Month:  "Maid in NJ: A look at domestic workers"
Corzine and MF Global:  "Former risk officer says he warned Corzine"
Komen Backlash:  "Komen for the Cure faces backlash over cut to Planned Parenthood" -- Several Plainfielders have told me they will no longer donate to Komen.

RECENT POSTS: Bernice reports a possible fractious local political season, reminds all Park Florist is ready for your Valentine needs.  Olddoc has thoughts about Plainfield political possibilities, Groundhog Day and a JAMA cover featuring cows in snow. Maria Posts Nov, Dec exec session minutes, poses question whether District is like either of two models. Renata, at Standing in the Gap, highlights upcoming motivational speech by
Dr. Pedro Noguera, check the District website for more details.

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