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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

School Election issue -- Bernice: Educational mission is marred.. Maria: Both were right, both were wrong.. Asm Green: How many Districts have really signed up.. Olddoc: Items Council will NOT take up Monday, more..

Board of Ed Meetings:  "Citizens Campaign targets Plalinfield's restrictions as 'unreasonable'"
Mayors Legislative Day:  "With Christie in Westfield, 150 mayors converge on Trenton" -- Is ours among them?

Bond Refinancing:  "Monroe hopes to save $2.2M on refinancing high school bonds"
Careers Day:  "County 4Hers explore careers in government"
Hospitals:  "JC's Christ Hospital bankruptcy stokes talk of mergers" -- NJSpotlight | Ledger |
New Brunswick:  "Court, mayor can't quiet city activist" -- Ledger | Courier |
Westfield:  "Christie hosts Town Hall meeting today at Armory"

Komen For The Cure:  "In wake of controversy, NJ chapters hope to win back support"
Medical Marijuana:  "First center will open in Atlantic County"
Port Authority:  "Auditor rips PA for wasting billions" -- Ledger | Gannett | PolNJ
Property Taxes:  "Surprise! Local property taxes up again this year"
School Tests Investigation:  "Investigation of nine schools moves to next phase"
Sick Pay Payouts:  "Sweeney sponsors bill to end sick leave payouts" -- Ledger | Inquirer |
Transportation Projects:  "Official: Analysis needed to decide if mega projects make sense"

Politifax Truth-o-Meter: True, False, or other...? (The national factfinding service is now in the Ledger)
Spivey on Beer:  "Bell's Hopslam generating absurd hype, for good reason"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice opines the school election flap has marred the District's educational mission. Olddoc notes items the Council will NOT take up on Monday, Asm Green's response to the election issue, and argues for reasonable policies for Councilors' attending conferences. Maria on the election date controversy: Both were right, both were wrong. Asm Green, at Jerry Green's Page, comments on the school election flap and how many districts have signed up for the change.

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