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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bernice & Olddoc on Monday's Council agenda, including new items.. Maria finds Councilors' letter to editor reminds her of an old classic.. PSN finds Plainfield over Westfield, with a post-game interview video.. Jackie offers chance to get in new 'Survivor' blog pool, plus weekly review and pix.. Renata reminds all Pedro Noguera speaks at PHS tomorrow evening..

>>> Sorry I missed posting yesterday, 24-hour bug.

Sen. Menendez at BUF:  "Senator seeks local advice to address foreclosure crisis"
Speaker at PHS:  "Discussion will focus on creating opportunity" -- Tomorrow evening at PHS.
Milt Campbell:  "Plainfield's Milt Campbell inducted into NJ Hall of Fame"
Drug Bust:  "Raid of fortified home yields two arrests, drugs, gun" -- 200-block of Evona Avenue.
High Speed Chase:  "Plainfield man faces 20 years for leading cops on high speed chase"
Marijuana Farm:  "Plainfield man busted for growing pot in basement" -- Sophisticated setup, 1100-block of Woodland Avenue.
School Election Change:  "Central Jersey districts cautiously embracing move to November"

Congressman Donald Payne:  "Despite cancer treatment, Payne will run for re-election"
Fighting Drugs:  "Camden police send letters to homes of those frequenting high drug-traffic areas"
Highland Park:  "Teté Bistronomie: Peruvian flavors, earthy and exotic"
Union County College:  "Three members named to UCC Board of Governors"
Union County Jail:  "Grownups should be in charge of county jail" -- From CountyWatchers.
Whistleblower Ruling:  "Judge orders state to pay whistleblower's $1.29M legal tab"

NJ's Diversity:  "Poll: More people are comfortable with NJ's diversity"
Gay Marriage:  "Optimism over gay nuptials in NJ, despite likely Christie veto"

NOTE: Some Sunday news and opinion items are posted late by the Ledger to its site; these will appear in Monday's CLIPS.

Politifax Truth-o-Meter: True, False, or other...? (The national factfinding service is now in the Ledger)
Episcopalians: "NJ Episcopalians not taking up Pope on invitation to affiliate"
MLK Memorial:  "Head of King memorial group angry at monument change"
Negro League:  "For Negro Leaguers, the real opponent was racism"
Whitney Houston:  "Hotel guest describes chaotic scene" -- LATimes.

RECENT POSTS: Bernice on CFO, PMUA, other items on Council agenda; offers condolences to Whitney Houston's family and fans.  Olddoc on seven new resolutions added to Monday's agenda. Maria finds Councilors' letter to editor reminds her of an old classic; and finds knowing your rights makes you a Liberty Ninja. At Plainfield Sports News, Plainfield over Westfield, plus post-game interview video. At Jackie's TV Blog, besides her weekly review and pix, an opportunity to get in on the new Survivor blog pool! Renata, at Standing in the Gap, reminds all that Pedro Noguera will speak at PHS tomorrow evening.

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