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Friday, February 10, 2012

Maria: NCLB waiver and Plainfield schools.. Bernice: Damaged lions at Courier Building another lost legacy.. Olddoc still caught between rock and hard place..

Massive Gas-fed Fire:  "Eyewitness News" | "Ledger" | "Courier"

Elizabeth:  "Report by BOE finds no evidence of corruption or patronage" -- PolNJ | Ledger |
Handicap Parking:  "Disabled Passaic residents lose free parking"
Kean U.:  "President's resume controversy under review by university officials"

Gay Marriage:  "Proposal for referendum moves forward; Sweeney vows to block it"
Medicaid:  "More than $100M of Christie's expected Medicaid savings in jeopardy"
Mortgage Settlement:  "US deal with mortgage servicers will bring $838M to NJ"
No Child Left Behind:  "NJ among 10 states to have NCLB requirements lifted" -- NJSpotlight | Ledger |
Real Estate:  "NJ home prices fall, but number of sales rises"
Supreme Court:  "Christie will support his nominees regardless of state bar ruling"

Black History Month:  "Unexpected portrait found in trunk"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice finds damaged lions in front of Courier Building another legacy lost.  Olddoc is still caught between rock and hard place. Maria on the No Child Left Behind waiver and the Plainfield schools.

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