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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bernice: CBAC, budget consultant report to Council.. Olddoc: Look for a post after the medieval torturers.. DottieG finds two more trash mailer in her mailbox.. Councilor Williams: Vote to stop Jerry Green, vote for change..

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Family Fun Day:  "Plainfield celebrates ann;ual family fun day"
Road Repairs:  "Plainfield gets no road repairs from Union County in this round"
LD 20 (Eastern Union County):  "Monteiro targets Holley's voter fraud scrape" -- PolNJ | NJSpot |

Amtrak:  "Amtrak to mointor trains with cams" -- Courier | Ledger |
Stee Fulop:  "Fulop psend big on social media" -- The Auditor.
Meadowlands:  "Proposed casino would generate $400M, developers say"
Newark --
North Plainfield:  "New plaques dedicated at memorial"

Christie for President --
Sen. Menendez --
Mental Health Agencies:  "State won't penalize agencies that failed to meet housing deadline"
NJ Lottery:  "'Jackpot fatigue' keeps lottery in a slump"
Soccer:  "FIFA officials arrested in Zurich" -- Record | NYTimes |
United Airlines:  "Will  questionable dealings with airline ciip Christie's wings?"


[BERNICE] CBAC, budget consultant report to Council.

[OLDDOC]  look for a post after the medieval torturers.

[Mayor MAPP]  tells the tale of two demolition projects.

[Councilor STORCH]  on what the Dem primary election is all about.

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  Vote to stop Jerry Green, vote for change.

[DAVID]  posts photos of 2nd Ward Family Fun Day.

[JACKIE]  Week in review includes a Red Admiral butterfly.

[JACKIE'S PHOTO BLOG] catches an empty train.

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  notes Hannah Atkins Pool open today.

[NOEL at PALS]  concludes with the 1st Team All-Efficiency for 2014-15.

[PLAINFIELD LATINO]   reports on race relations forum at Crescent Church.

[DOTTIE G SEZ]  finds two more trash mailer in her mailbox.