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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Olddoc suspects a Green gambit on Dem committee election.. Bernice: CBAC and budget consultant reports to Council (continued).. Councilor Storch: The Dem primary is about jobs and tax ratables.. Rebecca notes Public Safety is a top priority for Column C..

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Garden Tour:  "Plainfield Garden Tour Sunday, Concert Saturday" -- Scroll d-o-w-n.....
PAAAS:  "Plainfield Academy Prom photos"
Population:  "How much has Plainfield population changed since 1980?" -- Interactive map.
Texas Weiner:  "Central Jersey loves TW in Plainfield"

Bound Brook:  "Developer aims to gentrify Main Street"
Drew U.:  "Drew making SATs optional again"
Edison:  "Township proposes 3.5% tax hike"
Elizabeth:  "Stung by EBOE, School Board regulars gear up for Tuesday payback"
Hudson County Politics:  "DPW supervisors on trial for making workers electioneer" -- Record | Ledger |
Manville:  "Mother, daughter found dead after house fire"
Newark --
Primary Politics:  "Campaign endorsement sent home in students' backpacks" -- Those South Jersey repscallions!
Seton Hall Priest:  "Priest removed from Seton Hall comes out as gay, report says"
Tracy Morgan:  "Morgan and WalMart reach a settlement in Turnpike accident"
Trenton:  "ShotSpotter deployed in larger area of city"

Christie for President --
Congress:  "House panel proposes version of Lautenberg chemical safety bill"
Death Penalty:  "Nebraska legislature abolished death penalty in historic override vote" -- A unicameral legislature.
Energy:  "Exxon CEO mocks renewable energy in speech" -- Have you noticed their stock price?
Media:  "Fox News eats its own" -- Friendliest network is GOP's worst enemy.
NJ Investments --
NJ Shore:  "Christie blames Shore defense delays on 'selfish neighbors'"
NJ Supremes:  "Top court to hear gun rights case of ex-cop"
NJ Tax Incentives:  "Corporate tax breaks due for a closer look, Lesniak says"
Obamacare:  "Senate GOP prepared to replace Obama subsidies if Court rules against them"
Reala Estate:  "NJ home prices tick up as realtors report strong market"

Gangs:  "How do you define a gang member?"


[BERNICE] CBAC and budget consultant reports to Council (continued).

[OLDDOC]  suspects a Green gambit on Dem committee election.

[Mayor MAPP]  tells the tale of two demolition projects.

[Councilor STORCH]  The Dem primary is about jobs and tax ratables.

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  Vote to stop Jerry Green, vote for change.

[DAVID]  posts photos of 2nd Ward Family Fun Day.

[JACKIE]  Week in review includes a Red Admiral butterfly.

[JACKIE'S PHOTO BLOG] catches an empty train.

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  notes Public Safety is a top priority for Column C.

[NOEL at PALS]  concludes with the 1st Team All-Efficiency for 2014-15.

[PLAINFIELD LATINO]   reports on race relations forum at Crescent Church.

[DOTTIE G SEZ]  finds two more trash mailer in her mailbox.