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Friday, May 29, 2015

Olddoc on SCOTUS: ACA subsidies and Texas voting districts.. Bernice: CBAC recommends a better process.. Councilor Storch: Dem Primary is about the residents' interests.. Councilor Williams offers a primer on who contributes to Jerry Green.. Jackie offers Big Brother tidbits.. David finds a busy weekend coming up..

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PMUA:  "Fire caused by lightning destroys trailer at Transfer Station"
PAHS:  "Mixed breed needs second chance"
Rotary Track & FIeld Meet:  "Rotary to hold 88th annual meet Wednesday"
LD20:  "Realtors pour big cash into Holley coffers" | "SEIU  backs Quijano, Holley"
Verizon FiOS:  "Verizon keeps detailed records on your viewing to keep you from canceling"
Property Taxes:  "Seniors and disabled will have extra four months to apply for Senior Freeze tax relief"

Hudson County Politics:  "Watch indicted worker campaign on city time" -- Video.
Jobs:  "Closure of Avenel, Carteret grocery warehouses could cost 500 jobs"
Manhattanhenge:  "The sun aligns with Manhattan's street grid as it sets tonight" -- If you're a camera freak.
Roselle:  "Dansereau battles for four-year term as mayor"
Seton Hall:  "Students, activists support gay priest's coming out"
Somerville:  "After 4th lawsuit, worker blasts town's 'racist culture'"
Summit:   "Summit prepares for Art in The Graden 2015"

Christie for President --
Bridgegate --
False Medical Bills Scam:  "NJ Medcare to pay $3.6M fine over false billings"
Gambling:  "Push to get North Jersey casino question on the ballot intensifies"
Gun Control:  "NJ gun bill promoted by Gabby Giffords to get hearing"
Port Authority:  "Lawmakers will take another crack at reforms after Christie, Cuomo vetoes"
SWATting:  "Several incidents across NJ shut down, hospital, mall"
Transportation Trust Fund:  "NJ faces funding crisis, with no clear solution"

Obituary:  "Morris Wilkins, invented heart-shaped bathtub, lured honeymooners to Poconos"


[BERNICE]  CBAC recommends a better process.

[OLDDOC]  on SCOTUS: ACA subsidies and Texas voting districts.

[Mayor MAPP]  tells the tale of two demolition projects.

[Councilor STORCH]  Dem Primary is about the residents' interests.

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  offers a primer on who contributes to Jerry Green.

[DAVID]  finds a busy weekend coming up.

[JACKIE]  offers Big Brother tidbits.

[JACKIE'S PHOTO BLOG] catches an empty train.

[REBECCA at Bathrobe Blogger]  notes Public Safety is a top priority for Column C.

[NOEL at PALS]  concludes with the 1st Team All-Efficiency for 2014-15.

[PLAINFIELD LATINO]   reports on race relations forum at Crescent Church.

[DOTTIE G SEZ]  finds two more trash mailer in her mailbox.