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Friday, May 15, 2015

Bernice: Sanchez says developers flocking to city.. Councilor Storch and Rebecca on 2nd Ward Family Fun Day Saturday..

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Sex trafficking:  "Plainfield man admits turning girl, 15, into prostitute"
Union County College:  "UCC prez chosen as representative for NJCAA"
Union County Sheriff:  "Sex suit against officer settled just before jury to be picked"
Car Seats:  "What parents need to know about NJ's new car seat law"
Historic Preservation:  "PNJ's 10 most endangered sites for 2015"
Pedestrian Safety:  "Bigger fines may be coming for failing to give pedestrians right of way"
Rep. Leonard Lance;  "Ethics-committee approved trip now under investigaton"

Honeybees:  "Deaths rise, continuing trend, affecting NJ agriculture"
Linden:  "Heist of truck full of pasta lands 4 in hot water"
Morris County:  "Big money from labor unions flows into GOP freeholder races"
Newark:  "Baraka strikes back at violence by 'occupying' a city block"
NJ Transit:  "Mayors, unions ally to fight NJ Transit fare hikes" -- PolNJ | Ledger | NJSpot |
Orange:  "Police director suspended amid allegations, countersuits"
Pension Padding:  "Sayreville mayor's new job means $40K pension after just 4 years"

Christie for President --
Hillary --
Sen. Menendez --
Amtrak:  "Boehner 'stupidly' links funding cuts to derailment"
Ebola:  "Ebola nurse, in article, chastises Christie, calls her quarantine a 'political stunt'"
Exxon Deal:  :"NJ Assembly 'vehemently condemns' Exxon deal" -- Ledger | PolNJ |
Guns:  "Court rules police can't add conditions to state license permits"
Higher Educations:  "Report: NJ higher ed funding way down, tuition way up"
NJ Dems:  "Dean anchors first day of state Dem conference"
NJ Pensions:  "Christie won't make full payment and won't raise taxes"
NJ Tax Incentives:  "Tax breaks working? Back it up, critics say"
Policing:  "Diversity training for police clears Assembly"


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[Councilor STORCH]  2nd Ward Family Fun Day Saturday.

[Councilor WILLIAMS]  invites all to a meet-and-greet for Barry Goode at PDO HQ tonight.

[DAVID]  on to Nimes, Marseille and Geneva.

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[DOTTIE G SEZ] reposts a Blue Jersey story on Jerry Green's bizarre attack.