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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bernice offers a recap of the Cedarbrook School town hall meeting.. Olddoc dukes it out with Jerry.. Jerry defends himself.. Rebecca, Maria and Renata focus on the Trayvon Martin murder in Florida..

Gang Awareness:  "Union County to hold public forum on gang awareness"
United Way of Union County:  "Group's 'Making a Mark' Black History month event raises $12,400"
Verizon:  "State grills Verizon about voice service, Internet access"

West New York:  "Sources: Feds subpoena WNY mayor" -- PolNJ | Ledger |

Development:  "Environmental, labor groups sue to block skirting of development regulations"
Supreme Court Nominations:  "Christie nominee fails to make it past Senate committee" -- Ledger | PolNJ |
Temporary License Tags:  "New tags inaugurated, will automate checking of information"

Corzine:  "House panel votes to subpoena MF Global exec"
Whitney Houston:  "Singer drowned, cocaine contributed to death"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice offers a brief recap of the Cedarbrook School town hall. Olddoc dukes it out with Assemblyman Green, recalls the Paramount Theater, victim of an unfulfilled redevelopment project. Maria notes that former City Administrator Bonaparte is in the middle of the Sanford homicide situation. Rebecca, at Bathrobe Blogger, urges justice for Trayvon Martin. Renata, at Standing in the Gap, urges justice in the Trayvon Martin case.

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