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Friday, March 30, 2012

Maria and Olddoc: Hub Stine plot thickens, blame games begin.. Bernice: Mayor apologize?.. Council Williams reprints Ledger editorial lambasting Robinson-Briggs..

Ledger Editorial:  "Plainfield mayor's meaningless fight over flag, prayer ignores city's real problems"
Cedar Brook Park:  "Spaces available for tree planting at Cedar Brook Park"
'Response Fees':  "Passaic considers 'response fees' for fires, traffic accidents"

Gateway Chamber of Commerce:  "Gateway Chamber holds annual Union County Mayors' Dinner"
Jersey City:  "Hundreds march in JC to demand justice for Trayvon Martin" -- March Saturday in Plainfield.
Linden:  "Linden to mark 150th birthday with shows, displays"
Montclair:  "Details emerge about show shut down by police at Wellmont Theater" -- Thousands of drunken 20-somethings.
Payne's Congressional Seat:  "Two Newark Councilmen pick Rice over Payne Jr."
St. Peter's College:  "St. Peter's College approved for 'university' designation"
Union County Freeholders:  "Move to fund legal fees, engineering costs out of debt to avoid state's cap limit"

State Budget Review:  "School aid, pricey consultants are scrutinized"
Delaware River PA:  "Comptroller blasts abuses, hidden insurance payments"
Port Authority:  "PA approves pay cuts for some"

Ghost Signs:  "NJ's commercial history is written large in faded paint on city buildings"

RECENT POSTS: Bernice details Wednesday's special Council meeting and the proposal that all could be well if the Mayor apologizes  Olddoc uncovers more confusion about the artificial turf program and what the Board od Ed did or did not approve. Maria find the plot thickening with blame games starting, a plan of the proposed work (check carefully!) and the audio file of the presentation with time notations. Councilor Williams, at And My Point Is. reprints Friday's Ledger editorial on Robinson-Briggs wrongheaded focus. Rebecca, at Bathrobe Blogger, celebrates the Lafayette Theater.

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